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The Next Chapter in our Graphics Story: Intel® Arc™ High Performance Graphics

Author: Roger Chandler, Intel Vice President and General Manager of Client Graphics Products and Solutions

Intel’s new performance graphics brand: Intel® Arc™

This week we announced our new performance graphics brand: Intel® Arc™.

More details on the Xᵉ HPG microarchitecture

At Architecture Day we revealed many new details about our Xᵉ HPG microarchitecture.

Xᵉ Super Sampling scales performance and quality

We are excited to unveil more details about AI accelerated super-sampling capabilities of our Alchemist-based products, which we are calling XᵉSS.

Software gives you more control

Drivers are an important part of the experience. We’ve made big strides recently with our integrated graphics, improving throughput for CPU-bound titles, accelerating load times by enhancing shader compiling, and implementing major changes affecting over 100 games. For the past three years, we’ve also been working closely with Microsoft to co-engineer DirectX 12 Ultimate. In addition to supporting ray tracing effects via DXR, Intel ARC graphics products will be capable of boosting performance with variable rate shading tier 2 and unlocking greater geometry details with mesh shading.

Join us on the journey

We’ll share more of our story later in the year. Please go to for more details, and to see some of the videos we produced to help explain Intel Arc and showcase a sneak peak of the pre-production Alchemist SoCs in action. Developers can also follow us through the Intel GameDev Zone, where we’ll make additional Arc resources available over time.

Notices and Disclaimers:

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