Shell GameChanger™ collaborates with Intelie, a RigNet company, to develop a Virtual Decision Assistant for critical operations

Intelie, a subsidiary of RigNet, Inc. was selected to receive funding from Shell GameChanger™ to further develop a virtual Digital Decision Assistant system, powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence. The predictive analytics machines accelerate learning by analyzing sensor data combined with the context of text and IM messages to augment future real-time decision making by Shell engineers and operators in mission-critical processes.

Founded in 1996, Shell GameChanger™ works with start-ups and businesses on unproven early-stage ideas with the potential to impact the future of energy, providing them with seed funding, subject matter expertise, and industry connections to test the technical and commercial viability of their concept.

Intelie is a real-time, predictive analytics team of award-winning, early pioneers in deep machine learning and planning optimization. Intelie optimizes critical operations through technological solutions specialized in stream data analytics with high data volumes and high data throughput.

“Shell GameChanger™ aims to explore new insights into machine learning and digital capabilities and foster the development of products that use these transformative technologies to solve operational challenges and improve efficiency within the energy industry,” said Hani Elshahawi who ushered Intelie through the Shell GameChanger™ vetting process. “After seven stages of critique, brainstorming, and testing, RigNet’s Intelie team presented a compelling product to the GameChanger team.”