Filip Tejszerski
Mar 12, 2018 · 2 min read

InteliSurf ® is a product experience platform, enabling customers to engage with your products online, interactively from any device. The app empowers brands to facilitate web-based demos for customers to conduct their research activities, product comparisons, and make informed shopping decisions.

InteliSurf ® builds customers’ buying confidence and drives product sales by facilitating engaging product walk-throughs in 3D, controlled by customers at their comfort. Customers can actively seek rich product overviews with ease without ever needing to go in store.

How deeply do your customers know your product?

The ACTION mode invites the user to PLAY with and DISCOVER the product model using the power of 3D interactive motion.
The Intelisurf ® solution allows users to interact with any part of the 3D product in real-time with a simple movement of the mouse or fingers (on touch devices). The augmented 3D model of the product reacts as it would in reality.

The INFO mode lets the customer discover unique aspects of each product’s component, including its weight, size, material, function, colour and so on. When a user selects an individual part of the 3D product, the element is visually highlighted and corresponding information is displayed in an adjacent text field, if required.
Sound and/or voice-over can be easily added and customised.

Does the product have a story to tell?

Simply press DEMO and the auto-play feature will start with a predetermined
sequence of events featuring the 3D model. The story may be accompanied
by a soundtrack and voiceover. InteliSurf ® DEMO MODE combines the
benefits of 3D animation with the freedom of 3D Interaction, taking
the customer’s level of engagement to the next level.

Unique features of InteliSurf ®

Real-time photorealistic rendering quality with shadows and sunlight, in online VR and standard exports.
Actual material textures including realistic glass effects.
Customisable interface — with your company’s branding.
Optional physics engine with collision detection and gravity.
Small data footprint via FraxGEM Algorithm.

InteliSurf ® drives the next generation of direct marketing technology.

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Intelligent surfing of 3D models

Filip Tejszerski

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Intelligent surfing of 3D models

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