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We are beyond excited to announce that Crypto Golf Impact has officially launched on Intella X! 👏

Get ready to tee off in the world of Web3 gaming with Crypto Golf Impact, the world’s first mobile Web3 golf game that brings the excitement of golfing to the blockchain.

With Crypto Golf Impact, players can engage in thrilling matches against global golfers in real time, or embark on tours at breathtaking destinations, all while reaping various rewards, including the game’s native tokens, $CCT and $GGT.

A Game Economy Unlike Any Other: Unique Dual Token Structure

Crypto Golf Impact stands out with its innovative approach to building a sustainable game economy. By introducing a dual token structure consisting of the governance token $GGT and the utility token $CCT, similar to Intella X, the game offers a solution to the persistent challenges faced by blockchain game economies. This ingenious system strikes a balance between the blockchain ecosystem’s need for deflationary measures and the game economy’s need for inflationary measures, ensuring a thriving in-game economy.

The utility token $CCT plays a crucial role in Crypto Golf Impact’s game economy. Players can easily earn $CCT by exchanging the in-game currency gCCT, which is earned through crystal tour rewards, daily ad missions, champion rewards, and various tour missions. $CCT serves as a resource for growth within the game, enabling players to train their golf clubs for increased precision and power, pay entry fees for championships and events, reduce wait times for opening golf bags to obtain high-tier clubs, and more. While the initial version does not include gGGT to $GGT swaps or the Grand Tour, these features will be available in a future update.

With the launch of Crypto Golf Impact on Intella X, players can now experience a seamless integration of the game’s utility token, $CCT, within the Intella X wallet.

The liquidity pool between $CCT and $USDC is now available on the
Intella X DEX, offering users the ability to swap between the two tokens effortlessly. Additionally, players can deposit $CCT and/or $USDC into the $CCT-$USDC pool, to earn additional rewards in the form of swap fees.

The primary purpose of this liquidity pool is to enable users to acquire tokens through the swap function. Hence, there will be no basic APR reward for contributing to the liquidity pool.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to swing, win, and earn while truly experiencing the next-generation of Web3 gaming with Crypto Golf Impact!

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