Week 3 reflection: Up Up Down Down (Copy)Left (Copy)Right Left Right B A Start

In case my subtitle was confusing, it’s “the Konami Code”. This came to mind a bit this week:

I was really nervous about my makes this week. I wanted to fit two in one week closer to the beginning of the course in order to hit my 10 and not lose my mind. This is where I actually want to over-proclaim my ignorance. For my “10 ways” I originally wanted it to be a Boord, couldn’t get it to work, so then I turned it into a Google Slides presentation, and THEN I thought “Ashley…that’s not challenging enough. You can’t just make a Slides presentation and call that good. That’s not growth.” So then I decided to do a screencast (is that…is that the right term?) and narrate and upload that to youtube. OK, so, one project took 2 1/2 iterations. Also, when I tweeted it out on Tuesday, I put in the wrong hashtag and didn’t realize it for two whole days. So, in an effort to use a different tool in my next project, it appeared to the outside world like I skipped it and went right back to graphics. I got that tweet fixed on Thursday, (WHY can’t you just edit a tweet?!?!).

Third time’s the charm…

My other make was a “sign from the near future”.

My initial mental image was having something more graphic, more like “Keep Calm and Carry On” but there is NO WAY I could get myself to make that work using a graphics tool/editor (yes, I’ll get there). I have absolutely no experience with things like that, (photoshop, etc.) so simply being able to do anything in Pixlr had me like:

…This is from “Footloose” right? I’ve actually never seen Footloose…

Along the same lines, I actually used Pixlr again to complete #tdc1991. I liked the idea of the Lune- I went through a big haiku phase in high school- but when I couldn’t get the maker to work, I thought “wait…I could just do this in Pixlr!” Look at that personal growth, would ya’!

I also completed #tdc1989 and…wait…this was a graphic too!? Man for someone who talks a lot about how much I fear graphics tools I guess I’m…learning to like them? For my own self, I did #tdc1987 but I didn’t post it to Twitter. I mostly did it to see what my horrible stick figure dog skills would result in…it wasn’t pretty.

You’ll never be able to unsee this one!

Some things from classmates I liked this week: Sheena’s 5 words to impress (and because seriously those look JUST like poodles!)

Meg’s critique of “Role of Music”. I actually already started my critique of this and have an idea of where I’m going with it so I wanted to see where she went with it, and was interested to see just how differently we both interacted with this piece.

Slight housekeeping question- everything we do this week and going forward needs to be embedded in Medium, but…we’re still supposed to share it originally right? Like, if we do something in youtube we should still tweet about it? And tweet out our graphics? Or do we just wait and stick them all in here?

I in no way mean this as a slight, at all, but this week’s theme kind of felt like the Debbie Downer, coming in to be like “hey you’re having all this fun on the internet- BUT WHAT IF IT’S ILLEGAL?!” and my takeaway is mostly “you’re probably fine, don’t worry,” but this seems like one area where teachers can easily get hung up, throw their hands in the air, and say “nope!”.

But I know this is sort of the “eat your vegetables” part of the course and I also know it’s important. But it was definitely harder mentally, in more of an academic heady way, and less in the make-y way. You’d think I’d be happy to be back feeling academically stretched, but I wasn’t. Maybe I’m changing the kind of student I am? What perfect timing, as I am finally finishing my education with the conclusion of 20th grade.

My critique this week was of Sherlock and the Internet of Things. I tried to really explore it this week, taking a clue from Anne and her exploration of NAS last week. Unfortunately the tool was not as flushed out as I had hoped- I needed more concrete examples and things I could get my proverbial hands on- but I could still see it as useful.

My favorite thing this week was maybe, finally, feeling like “ok I think I’ve got this!” Next week I’m balancing my course load, some temporary solo parenting, and traveling with spotty internet, so I’m trying to get my feet under me and feel like I can go into this next crazy week and tackle it. I am wondering if we have content the week of the 4th? I am assuming we do- there’s a module listed- but I’ll be curious if the load is a little lighter.

Ha ha ha, who am I kidding.
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