Intellectual Property

Debating copyright and fair use in the digital age

The internet as a police state 

(A piece for Spanish newspaper El Mundo)

Spanish newspaper El Mundo asked me to write an opinion piece on the European Court of…

Why Hitler Stole Art

Monuments Men, Quests for Power, and the Market for Stolen Antiquities

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis rolled over Europe conquering nations…

The Wild West of the Web: Copyright, Piracy, and the Law

As legislation dealing with copyright reform has stagnated in Congress, a look inside the widespread problem…

New Medium and Old Copyright

How is it possible that we live in the most creative times in human history, yet care so little about copyright

Even though I've been using web for over a decade I had this feeling. You know, when we almost understand something but can't explain it. If you'd asked me how is it possible that we live in the most creative…

Beyonce pulls an old trick to fight piracy and make a buck

Piracy still a challenge for the Music Industry

Welcome to Peru, The Pirate Bay

Last week, The Pirate Bay moved to a Peruvian domain name but there´s more than meets the eye when it comes to Internet freedom in Peru

Will I really steal your idea?

Some people demand signed non-disclosure agreements before they will tell you their idea. I’m not one of them any more and here’s why.

The Copyright Walls

I live in Athens, Greece. It’s not the center of the world, but thanks to the Internet, I can participate in a global culture. I read blogs from all over the world, I listen to podcasts, I watch videos on YouTube. I have my own blog, I write here, on Medium, I upload my videos on YouTube, my photos on Flickr.

Beyond the Reach of Copyright

How YouTube’s Content ID system lets Nintendo profit on someone else’s uploads

Caltech: Founding Values

Address on receiving Caltech’s Distinguished Alumni Award on May 18, 2013

Caltech was founded to give back to society through science and engineering, to discover knowledge and apply that knowledge. There was tremendous optimism about the value of training engineers and scientists and how that would benefit all of humanity, especially…

Why Secrecy in Patent Cases Is Out of Control — and What to Do About It

In addition to being a senior editor here at Medium, I also sit on the board of directors of the First

Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Debating copyright and fair use in the digital age

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