The Key Features of a Developer-Friendly API

Every developer is different. Each one of us has different working habits and likes a different text editor. There’s no way of creating an API that every developer will love.

But there are some key features that all of us need and appreciate. With these 3 features, every API will have a better developer experience. A developer-friendly API will result in a stronger, better end-user experience.

A great API augments it’s engagement rate with developers


Every API should care about new developers. And a good documentation is the way to do it.

A good API must include a comprehensive documentation and code examples — in multiple languages. This must include common functions and use cases, explained thoroughly enough so that any developer understands it.


Documentation is important, but not every developer will want to spend hours studying it. That’s why developer-friendly APIs should also be responsive.

A responsive API is one that allows functions and errors to be understood without having to go through the entire documentation.


Another important feature of a developer-friendly API is its interactiveness. While using the API, every developer will have a dynamic attitude with questions requirements.

An interactive API will adapt to its developers, resulting in a better developer experience.

Developer-friendly APIs can be interactive by providing live testing facilities and enabling developers to interact with the system directly.

Originally published on Intelligems Blog.