Smart bins for smart cities!!

Bukchon traditional village is visited by both domestic and international tourists. It is home to the traditional houses which now serve as cultural centers, cafes and restaurants along with the modern ones. However, at the heart of the community, it still functions as a residential area. Due to the activities of the tourists, the residents have been complaining about waste management in the area.

In order to solve this issue, the city of Seoul installed Clean CAPs by Ecube Lab. The Clean CAP is a smart fill level sensor which has sensors to detect the bin’s fill level. It is easily attachable and can be put up on the existing bins. Installation of the devices has improved the efficiency of waste collection. The collection staff can now monitor the amount of garbage and they can take the necessary actions ahead of time.

The installation if these sensors also cut down a lot of unnecessary collection trips reducing the collection cost by 43%. Apart form the reduction in the collection costs, the deployment of the Clean CAPs also led to a positive feedback from the residents.

Installing Clean CAPs is a great way to cut down on the infrastructure management costs. The city officials can channel the resources to other areas. Whereas this is a great opportunity everywhere in the world, it is definitely a good strategy for the developing countries.


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