Intelligent Hero is a community that verifies the authenticity of her user’s qualifications and skills through a series of tests and retests to ensure the validity of the information given is without any doubt, true.

The Intelligent Hero Platform is here to ensure that several setbacks that have been created by previous platforms that have attempted such a project are corrected. Before we begin to make an inquiry into these problems and the superior solution offered by Intelligent Hero offers, I think it’s mandatory we understand the extent to which these problems have affected the market at large.

Let’s go!

Data trust/distrust

This is the number one problem that has been faced by every single platform right from the very beginning of online platforms. Users’ data could be used for a variety of reasons, this could be to satisfy other individuals and business ventures who may be interested in utilizing this data for specific, or random purposes like advertisements.

A lot of users practically offer user data up for sale in other to get payments off ad revenue without the knowledge of the average users. And this has gone on for several years.

How do we intend to solve this problem you may ask? Say no more! Intelligent hero operates a fully decentralized system that gives every individual user the ability to control, hide and make public his data. In other words, other users will not and can never see what you don’t want them to see.

Skill Verification

This I must say is one of the biggest issues a lot of business owners face. People looking forward to finding freelancers to give jobs often are faced with this major predicament. Freelancers most times are not asked to present some sort of certification for joining a particular professional niche.

In another light, in the same issue, persons who have been able to acquire professional skills through the help of certain tutorials and other means, end up having no certificates to prove their competence.

Intelligent Hero is fully prepared to tackle both issues in the same vein. For the business owner, the solutions offered are the tests administered on our platform to serve as a means of verifying the claims of the freelancer. In the other light freelancers who do not have university degerees, can easily come to our platform and take certain tests that will end up serving as a means of verification for their various businesses. With this, even the issue of trust bywhich a clients constantly askes a freelancer if he is capable of carrying out the job description, will be eradicated

With Intelligent Hero, Both freelancers and business owners in the same light get what they are looking for, and trust definitely is the deal for the day.

Interview solutions

Interviews these days are often always traditional, where a job seeker has to go all the way to the organization or company for an interview and be affected by a variety of certain factors that may affect his/her overall poroductivity.

Intelligent Hero is paving way for another means of administring interviews to job seekers. We are building an entire subsection of the platform that will handle all of such activities that have to do with interviews and they can be handled in a systematic and trust assured manner.

No Motivation syndrome

While we have a lot of platforms that offer users the opportunity to showcase their skills, sometimes users get bored and eventually stop especially when there is no form of motivation to enable the user continue with his/her various jobs on the platform.

Intelligent Hero doesn’t only charge the user for carrying out transactions on the platform, the user is also given an incentive periodically to ensure that the user stays completely motivated and ready to work at all times and also at when needed.


Students attending various colleges and high schools sometimes are faced with so many issues that eventually leads most to dropping out of school. Did you know that the Intelligent community is made for such persons?

Intelligent Hero is going into partnerships with several ED-tech Platforms and with the experience gotten from the partnerships with such platforms, we are most certain that students will never be left behind. As a matter of fact, students are given special attention and with our skill verification systems, students can begin to earn from reputable business ventures round the world even before their college degree is attained.

Does Intelligent Hero plan to solve up all the issues that may accrue to users of online platforms? The answer obviously is NO!. What we set our targets to is settling the issues that will and may affect all our potential users. We have structured our platform to accommodate the various needs that our users could ever have in relation to skill and data authenticity.

We have also made provisions for periodic upgrades and maintenance of the platform to suit the ever-changing market.

Join us today, and we’ll bring out the Hero in you!

Intelligent Community

Earn educatively — get motivated professionally! — Share skills and knowledge with millions of others just like you!

Intelligent Hero Team

Written by

Intelligent Community

Earn educatively — get motivated professionally! — Share skills and knowledge with millions of others just like you!

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