Intellogo + Tumblr = ❤

Transform your story into an information hub

The Intellogo widget is seen here at the bottom of the sample article “Walt Disney’s Retro-Futurism”. See the recommender in action at

The best content marketers know that the name of the game is creating value with your content. The more valuable your content, the more value you get from your audience. In the case of web content we’re all trying to write articles that readers find interesting. But there’s an opportunity to create even more value by linking out to material that supports your article.

Case and point

The article to the left is a blog entry on Tumblr about Walt Disney’s original vision for EPCOT at Walt Disney World. Although the article is short, it succeeds at capturing our attention. Most of us don’t know that Walt Disney was planning on building an actual futuristic city complete with a 50 acre, enclosed and temperature controlled city center. Such a wild idea immediately makes you want to go to your favorite search engine to find out more. But why drive people away from your story when you can embed recommended articles and videos and even Wikipedia articles right into the article itself?

While there are other solutions available that recommend stories in a posting, those recommended stories generally have nothing to do with your story — so they’re not building off your content to add value to your readers. The Intellogo recommendation widget uses your story to find related content that supports it and adds value to your readers.

In our example, Intellogo has found other stories that fill out the back story about Walt Disney’s original vision for EPCOT. There are reference articles from Wikipedia as well as articles that tell the story from a host of other viewpoints. If you found the original article interesting, these are the supporting stories that you’re going to want to investigate further.

The best part about the widget? You don’t have to do a thing other than drop some code at the end of your article. Intellogo does the rest. It sends your article over to Intellogo’s cognitive platform to gain a better understanding of your story. Intellogo then scans through a million stories (and growing every day) to auto-curate and return the best results. Those results are then displayed to the reader at the bottom of your article. The reader can filter the results by source (only show me YouTube videos) or date (only newer stories) using the little gear icon.

Used in this way, The Intellogo recommendation widget is like having a research assistant attached to each one of your stories. Your story becomes the hub to a central idea or topic branching out to a myriad of other stories that support and enhance your original message. Everyone wins: Your brand, your story, your readers and you.

Looking for reference partners

The Intellogo recommendation widget currently works on Tumblr and WordPress. If you’re interested in trying it out on your blog please give me a shout. We’re looking for folks who are willing to partner with us as we build out the features and capabilities of the widget.