How To Tell If You Should Get An  Watch [Infographic]

By Josh Adams

The Apple Watch is polarizing. Most people find wearing a miniature computer on their wrist either invaluable or insufferable. I can’t blame them for not wanting to spend $350+ to find the answer.

So what do they do? Ask their tech-savvy friends, of course. So, yeah, that’d be me.

I grew weary of repeating my thoughts on the Apple Watch after interrogating friends on their iPhone usage and lifestyle. So I made a flowchart that shows normal people if they should get one.

In case you don’t look at the chart, here’s my single pithy tip about your suitability for an Apple Watch:

The top sign that you might like an Apple Watch is if you want to be connected but not distracted. — Tweet This.

Bernard Desarnauts tweeted a similar thought based on some research from his company, Wristly, the other day:

Here it is. Please share this post with all the wannabe Apple Watch owners in your life.

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