The WHY and WHAT of Self-Appraisal

Depending on which part of the world you are reading this from, it is either you are done with the day or you will soon be done with the day. Whatever is the case, what I want to know is, will you take your time to appraise yourself in line with the goals you set out in your to-do-list (assuming you had one) today?

For there to be a successful year, there must be a daily and careful appraisal of how well you did with the goals you set out with for each day by the time you get back home at the end of each day.

Without this attitude, there will be no way you can trace how productive you have been with your time, energy, resources, networks and opportunities expended for the day.

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There are 3 reasons why self-appraisal is necessary.

Self-appraisal is very important in helping you have a fruitful life at the long run. It gives you the opportunity to tell yourself the truth that no one would tell you, just because they do not want to hurt or they are afraid to tell you the truth to your face. Assessing your performance before others gives you the chance to call yourself all the names before others will do so.

Self-appraisal, if done with a positive mindset can result to self enhancement and ultimately to personal success. This is because when the appraisal is done, the grey areas are identified and worked upon to become a better person. It gives you the opportunity to interact with yourself like no other person will do so you can get to know yourself better, especially if you do so in the light of God’s view about who you are.

Self-appraisal is not a time to see yourself as someone who is not effective but a time to tell yourself, ‘yes, I should have done better; I should have done it this way; I know I messed up but this is not all about me; I know I can do better if I try again and don’t give up; I know I will reach my goal; though I failed now, but that is not the end to my story’.

You tell yourself the truth but you still move on with your life with a positive perspective, having in mind you will not repeat any mistake twice; that you will give yourself the best next time you are confronted by the same issue.

So what are the things you must appraise daily if you want to make it in coming year?

- Skills: Did you maximize your skills today or did you just take up challenges lesser than your true strength because you did not want any stress? Are you satisfied with your achievements today when you would have done better? Why did you choose to go below your level of skills and competences?

- Knowledge: Did you utilize your knowledge today or did you just keep quiet when your fountain of wisdom was in demand to help you achieve success or help someone else achieve theirs? Why did you withhold your knowledge from functioning today?

- Commitment: Did you commit yourself to a worthy venture that improves the state of humanity today? Did you commit yourself to the goals you set for yourself today? Why not, if you did not? What hindered you? How will you deal with that tomorrow?

- Motivation: Why did you do the things you did today or why didn’t you do the things you were meant to do today? Was it for a good or bad reason?

- Attitude: How did you respond to people and circumstances today? Did you smile to people or just frowned at them all through the day? Why was that so?

- Beliefs and values: Did you do or say things contrary to your values, belief and faith in God today? Why did you do that? What led to that? How can you avoid such from repeating tomorrow?

If you put these ideas to use, you will have no need for anyone to tell what to do and you will be better off by this time next year, than you are today.