The faces of mental illness.

We’ve all seen it — articles and stories about people who have mental illnesses are always accompanied by a photo that suggests that they’re crazy, unstable, and not suitable for daily life. Even a quick Google Images search for “mental illness” deposits a bunch of photos of people with their hands over their faces or shadows of hands crying for help.

It’s what makes the stigma around mental illnesses so distorted, and at times, dangerous.

About one in five Americans aged 18 or older are diagnosed with a mental illness within a given year, and that’s the number for those who are diagnosed. Imagine what the statistics would be like if everyone who suffers from a mental illness got diagnosed.

Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health is a photo project that Getty Images and Demi Lovato created that features a collection of free stock images of people who have mental illnesses. Instead of showing them trapped behind a soundproof window, it showcases their daily lives, and how they cope with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

The photo project changes the way we look at mental illnesses — particularly three of the most common ones. If you look through the gallery, you’ll find that even the most successful of people suffer from mental illnesses.