This would be true, if it weren’t so flagrantly false.

“All it is is a driver’s license for concealed carry,” Cornyn said. “If you can drive in Texas, you can drive in New York and follow New York laws.”

By and large, the requirements to obtain a drivers license are similar from state to state. You need to take a written test, you need to pass a road test, your car needs to be inspected and registered, you need to have insurance, etc., etc.,

On the other hand, states like Idaho, South Dakota, Alabama, and Mississippi have virtually no restrictions on who can obtain a permit… while 11 states don’t require a permit at all. Put another way, the states with the weakest gun laws in the country get to decide who can carry a gun in states that have fought long and hard to keep their citizens safe. (So much for states’ rights.)

People with no safety training or live fire experience whatsoever, people with stalking or domestic abuse convictions on their record, or people with multiple DUI convictions would all be legally allowed to carry concealed weapons in, for example, Times Square.

So yeah, Senator Cornyn (TX)… nice try but the facts just aren’t on your side.

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