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The Interface

Bringing together divergent and convergent thinking

Two different types of cognitive thinking can be brought together to really amp up the approach to thinking about a problem and bring out an apt solution space.

Divergent thinking specifically requires to think about several approaches and bring about options. Divergent thinking is taking a challenge and attempting to identify all of the possible directions that it can go into, then listing all of the ideas in these directions. Brainstorming is one way. Random Input is another. Inversion Technique, perhaps? There could be many more. Pick whatever bakes your noodle. The core is to make sure a certain stimulus leads to multiple ideas, unabashed, unrestrained. For example: What all uses can a paperclip be put to?

  • Free-flowing open discussion
  • Seeking diverse points of view
  • Suspending judgement
  • Summarising key points
  • Deciding which points to use
  • Exercising judgment



Human experience, design thinking and all things within and about.

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