The IxD Education Summit: It’s not only for academics

We are less than a fortnight away from the Interaction Design Education Summit. It starts, Sunday evening, 28 February. One thing we have heard from many is that the Summit seems to be about academics and that couldn’t be further from the truth. While we love that our opening keynote carries a PhD or two and is the Dean of an amazing Design School at a great Chinese University, we also have some of the most pre-eminent organizations in industry represented as well.

From GE to IBM to Cooper to Sapient Nitro and many more. Speakers come straight out of industry with a deep care for Interaction Design Education and appreciation for how a solid foundation in design education only solidifies and grounds interaction design practice itself.

Further, while design schools and universities are represented so are less traditional and non-accredited programs have either speakers or attendees such as Center Centre, General Assembly, and Hyper Island. In the past we also had lower education content in the mix as well.

The mission of the Interaction Design Education Summit is to advance the practice of interaction design by advancing education in all its forms — from K-12, through university, to career changing vocational programs, and including internships and apprenticeships.

So come to the Education Summit, have your voice join this already beautiful chorus and help us make the best possible interaction design practice we can.

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We hope to see you in Helsinki in a few days.

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