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by Bill Verplank taken from his @IxDConf presentation in 2011, Boulder, CO.

From the very beginning of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), before it was even conceived to be IxDA the people who came together knew that if we were to create a community of practice a focus on education was going to be a part of it.

For years, education and educators have had their initiatives and their gatherings. At every Interaction conference there has been a gathering of educators and in 2012 in Dublin when the educators that year came together could barely fit in the room we took over, we started the buzz that eventually created 4 years ago the first IxD Education Summit in Toronto, Ontario, at Interaction 13. Next month we will have our 4th Summit, larger, and richer than any year previous in Helsinki hosted by Aalto University as its own mini-conference as part of the newly conceived Interaction Week (more on that later).

As part of our growth we need to find new channels and outlets for the growing collection of content we are putting together. So this year to help both push the Summit (gotta market) and to create a new channel, we have this new publication inside of Medium.

Here we’ll give you thought pieces and teasers about the upcoming Summit, but more importantly than that we’ll be searching for great articles from the community to curate into this space all year long. We need to have more voices sharing their stories, their learnings, their pains as educators and students of interaction design as well as from the industry that needs these new students and to mature their existing practices.

You are all invited to write stuff on Medium and let us know its there and if we feel it is editorially appropriate we’ll add it to our publication. Don’t worry about style, format, or other formality issues right now either. We just want to increase the number of voices heard from around the world of interaction design.

Thanks and we can’t wait to see what you’re thinking.

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