Design Thinking 101 — #IDFBLR

Workshop by Mr. Raashid Navlakhi

8th July afternoon started with our energetic session of Design Thinking workshop conducted by Raashid. We all 38 enthusiasts have been divided into 5 groups and assigned client for each to review the result at the end of the session.

What is Design Thinking ?!

Design thinking is an optimistic approach to the core of a problem. Once the questions are formed well, we are in half way to solve them. And the process to achieve the goal is as follows..

“Do not try to solve a problem for the entire world; pick one and solve it. And scale that solution to the rest.”

Objective — Build a travel booking site for the client.

Understand the explicit need and pain points of the client from his implicit communication is an interesting task at Empathize stage. Do not accept their requirement at face value. Use the double diamond model of diverge/converge while conducting interview with client. One person in the group was moderator and spoke to the client while rest took notes.

“Interviews are for Discovery. Surveys for Validation.”

Groups created prototypes and presented to their clients, and sought feedback.

“Creativity is not black magic. It’s a skill. Anyone can use this to excel.”

Special thanks to BlueJeans Network India, Raashid Navlakhi, fellow volunteers and lovely Bengaluru community.