Let’s talk about Design !

An architect transitioning to Interaction Design. Design to me transcending beyond words. I guess it reflects in my routine(first three days of college and i am constantly designing/re-designing my routine). Sometimes design is about making choices for the aftermath it holds. Like yesterday i had to choose between reading up for Molly’s Class next day or to post on Medium. I chose to read up for the following class. Not that posting on Medium was not important, it was just more important to read up.

What is DESIGN ?

I have no constant definition of Design. It is volatile but effective. Design to me is consciousness. If you observe things, you will make them better. But in this design, consciousness equation, there is a variable which affects the equation. This variable is “TIME”.

With “TIME” comes new needs, aspirations and sensibilities. I think Time is one important factor to validate DESIGN. Now for the objective part, Design is art that provides a Solution. Design could be built on a new need or better(lies in the eyes of the beholder) the already existing.


Sometimes i go to basic concepts when i don’t understand something, with basic i mean really basic, like elementary school basic. That how i have learned about nebulas, coding, electronics, everything. I understand interaction on an atomic level.

I will try to explain; When two atoms interact, they share their valency and bond if they are compatible. Sometimes this bond is strong, sometimes it is weak sometimes it is explosive.

Interaction as a “Phenomena” is the effect two atoms have on each other. But to understand in the context of Design, it is the influence one has on the other.

Interaction is mostly Tangible, however, interactions can be intangible but very difficult to identify as it can be personal.

“Interaction Design”

Now for the interesting part. Before exposing myself, i want to tell you something about myself. I have pliable opinions, mostly reasoned by scientific and rational thinking. I have opinions fueled by my pond of knowledge. This pond will definitely expand and so will my opinion about Interaction Design.

Whenever we talk about Interaction Design, it revolves around products(digital or physical) and humans. I think Interaction Design interventions will always have the component of a product. Although, this product does not have to be Physical or Digital. Product manifestation could be as different as a strategy, story or even a song. However, since it has been designed, it is meant to address an issue (a solution).

Looking forward to modifying this statement by the end of the semester.