Open a GLAM Lab (2019) & the International GLAM Labs Community

Communities of practice and sometimes ‘preaching to the choir’

We started each day collectively around the table. Photo credit: Qatar Foundation 2019.
Front cover of the book
A photograph of the GLAM Labs booksprint team in Doha
The 16 Booksprinters in Doha. Photo credit: Qatar Foundation, 2019
GLAM Labs Booksprinters Kristy Kokegei, Gustavo Candela and Mahendra Mahey collaboratively writing in Doha. Photo Credit: Qatar Foundation, 2019.
The final 4 target readers tasked with editing the book. Lotte Wilms, Paula Bray, Kristy Kokegei and Sophie-Carolin Wagner. Photo credit: Laia Ros (Booksprint Facilitator) Doha 2019.



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