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Interactive Video advertisement.

Our platform provides rich interactive capabilities, and can also be applied to advertising content, which will greatly improve advertising effectiveness and user participation.

However, because the commercial attribute of advertising itself is not the main needs of users, in the creation of interactive advertising, creators need to pay more attention to the user value and creative quality of content, and control the length of advertising video. And let users participate in the interaction faster.

With the continuous transfer of users’ attention to the online, Internet advertising is increasingly becoming one of the main channels for brand advertisers, and the subsequent demand for a large number of online advertising makes advertising space resources more and more scarce.

In addition, “users’ tolerance for advertising” is also decreasing, and “innovative advertising forms with low interference but interactive” has become the inevitable trend of the development of the industry.

Native advertising has become a trend, and it is a key area of innovation in the video advertising industry in recent years.

Original advertising can be divided into two types: “original form” and “original content”.

Among them, “original form advertisement” means that the advertisement is consistent with the carrier form, such as search information flow, search keywords and so on.

“Original content advertising” means that advertisements and carriers are consistent or relevant in content, such as inserting creative advertisements into original content, and so on.

Native video advertising is facing a more potential market, furthermore, we need continuous innovation to create more growth. “Original creativity based on video content and scene” is the focus of ad industry.

This is because in the process of the transfer from traditional advertising to online advertising, advertisers gradually change from “the initial simple pursuit of brand exposure” to “user-centered Internet thinking mode”.

From “brand awareness” to “empathy with users”, this change in demand has promoted the development of native advertising.

  1. Popularity: Brand advertising, the pursuit of exposure;
  2. Reputation: Brand content and brand image
  3. Correlation degree: Human based brand factors to build user trust;
  4. Resonance: Based on the brand elements of media, advertising value is combined with brand emotion.

Interactive video advertising is the product of the current native advertising innovation.

We apply interactive technology to the level of entertainment commercial advertising, opening the door to the era of marketing interaction.

At the beginning of the advertisement, interactive options appear, and users can choose different advertising plots according to their personal preferences, and then enter the content branch.

Characteristics and advantages of Interactive Video Advertising.

With regard to the characteristics and advantages of interactive video advertising, let’s analyze it from two aspects: advertisers and users:

From the point of view of the needs of advertisers, establishing brand awareness through advertising, cultivating users’ good feelings towards the brand, realizing marketing transformation and maintaining users’ loyalty to the brand are the main demands of advertisers.

In different stages of brand building, advertisers’ delivery strategies may be different, but the actual reach rate and conversion rate have always been the main indicators to measure the effectiveness of advertising.

As an interesting form of ad, interactive video ad can cover a wider range of people in terms of “user reach rate”.

Furthermore, the sense of participation and interest brought by interaction can better infect users and enhance users’ preference for advertising and brands.

In addition, users’ preference for different advertising choices also makes it convenient for advertisers to collect relevant data to optimize advertising creativity.

From the user’s point of view, the novel form of “interactive video” can fully arouse users’ curiosity and make them actively choose to view the advertising content, thus greatly reducing the users’ subjective rejection of ad.

Ad is no longer a “disturbing message that forces users to watch”, which is also a kind of optimization and improvement of user experience.

To sum up, the advantages of interactive video advertising are shown in three aspects:

(1) two-way interaction to stimulate users’ curiosity with “different choices”

“the immersive experience brought by strong interaction” is the most intuitive advantage of interactive native advertising.

Interactive native advertising presents a similar suspense-like branch plot design, which stimulates users’ curiosity about unlocked content and drives users to actively choose to watch ads. This makes advertising from “one-way message transmission from brand to audience” to “two-way communication between brand and audience”.

High-quality and excellent production, coupled with the sense of participation brought by interaction, really make the content and form of advertising consumable!

(2) Interactive choice to break the limit of advertising time and realize the increment of brand exposure.

In the case of advertising video options, viewers will watch more advertising plots with single or multiple choices, which breaks the “limit on the length of the original advertisement” and increases the exposure time of the brand.

Based on this kind of user’s active choice behavior, the advertisement exposure will also be more effective!

(3) High-quality user behavior analysis to provide effective marketing data for brands.

Which product is more popular? Which form of publicity is more attractive?

The questions that advertisers, platforms, and even the industry are most concerned about can be found in “interactive native advertising”.

“The data generated by audience participation interaction” can provide accurate consumer preference reference for brands more directly.

The emergence of interactive native ad not only effectively increases the “communication effect of ad”, but also has guiding value for “brand advertising strategy”.

Industry chain analysis.

The industry chain of video advertising has matured,

  • with advertisers in the upstream,
  • video operation platform and various advertising technologies and service providers in the middle,
  • and users in the downstream.

In a broad sense, interactive video advertising refers to a new type of advertising in which interactive elements are added to the video content.

Here, I mainly refer to an interactive advertisement in which the audience can choose the advertising content, determine the plot orientation, and explore the hidden content.

On the other hand, our interactive video platform helps advertisers create high-quality interactive video advertisements conveniently and efficiently by adding interactive functions, stitching together complete plots, and finally putting them into content videos or content websites.

Types of interactive video advertising.

According to whether advertising is related to video content, interactive video advertising can be divided into two categories: “interactive patch” and “interactive native advertising”:

(1) Interactive patch: here, it refers to the interactive video advertisement that has nothing to do with the content video. The plot, actors and characters of the advertisement have nothing to do with the content video.

(2) Interactive native advertising: here it refers to the interactive video advertisement that is related to the content video.

  • The ways of association include: the plot of the advertisement is the extension of the content video,
  • The actor in the advertisement extend uses the actor in the content video,
  • The characters in the advertisement are consistent with those in the content video.

(note: these associations need to be authorized by the corresponding copyright owner.).

In terms of presentation timing, both can be related to the content video (in the form of “the advertisement is posted in front of the positive film, the advertisement is inserted in the middle of the front, and the advertisement is posted after the end of the video”)

or irrelevant (in the position of information flow, opening screen, focus map, etc.). Present independently).

Interactive patch ad.

The relationship between the ad content and the content video: no relevance.

Advantages: it is suitable for almost any video content, is not limited by content, and can be widely used.

Disadvantages: because advertising has nothing to do with content video, it looks more stiff, and audience acceptance of it is not as good as that of native advertising.

Interactive native advertising.

The relationship between the content of the ad and the content video: relevance.

Advantages: advertising and video content are strongly related, the content is even part of advertising, audience acceptance is higher, interaction rate is higher, advertising effect is better.

Disadvantages: it is also because of its strong association with video content that it has certain barriers:

1) it requires the authorization of the copyright owner of the content video.

2) because it is strongly bound to content video, it cannot be reused on other content videos and cannot be widely used.

What is the function of interactive advertising?

On our interactive video platform, advertisers can add branch plot, perspective switching, picture information exploration and other interactive capabilities to the video, so as to interact with the audience.

a. Branch plot: this interactive ability supports the audience to choose based on their own position or preference, participate in and influence the development of the advertising plot, and enter into different content to experience because of different choices.

b. Perspective switching: this interactive ability enables viewers to switch between multiple perspectives, and then get different content experiences from different roles, physical locations and other perspectives.

c. Picture information exploration: the interactive ability supports adding text, video and other information content to the main video, and presents and guides the audience to explore in a natural immersion way, thus leading to the egg plot.

Multiple interactions

Multi-level interactions

Advertising data analysis.

(1) exposure and interaction: how much interaction occurs in the playback VV, and VV reached by advertisements. It is used to evaluate the communication effect and user experience of interactive video advertising.

(2) extend the duration of the advertisement: for each additional interactive point, how many more users can watch the advertisement. Used to evaluate the additional commercial value of interactive advertising.

(3) get audience feedback: users prefer which option to choose at the interaction point, and the option may be related to the advertiser’s different product line, in order to obtain the audience’s preference for the option (product line).

Suggestions on the creation of Interactive Video Advertising.

a. Interactive design suggestion.

(1) the number of interactions: combined with content, it is difficult for users to make complex interactive choices within a short advertising period. Creators need to keep the number of options at 1–2, no more than 3, in order to improve the interaction rate of users.

(2) content cohesion: viewers can start from three aspects: shooting, editing and interactive content design in order to connect the video content naturally and smoothly before and after interaction.

  • when shooting, you should specially design the pictures and shots before and after the interactive operation to ensure that interaction is naturally introduced on the premise of fitting in with the development of the plot.
  • when editing, you should combine the specific interactive scene and the selected components to segment the video content reasonably and design the screen switching mode.
  • in the design of interactive content, I suggest you lay the groundwork in the video content at the beginning of the advertisement to ensure that the audience has enough cognitive processing time to complete the interaction easily and naturally during the viewing process.

b. Content design suggestion.

(1) Interactive creativity determines the advertising effect:

On the one hand, advertising is not the main demand of the audience, and the audience will be more demanding on the content and creativity of interactive advertising.

On the other hand, if the duration of the advertisement is short, it requires the intention of laying the groundwork and triggering user interaction at the beginning of the advertisement in a short time.

(2) Interactive creativity should provide the audience with a “living”: if it is only to increase the audience’s sense of substitution for the protagonist and participate in the plot, then the sense of control that the game can provide seems to be more thorough?

Over time, after few interactive ads, users will be tired and will no longer make interactive choices, but think that “interactive advertising always jumps out of the option to interrupt the viewing experience.”

Therefore, interactive video advertising must provide a “more vivid”, not just a “gameplay”, in order to persuade the audience to participate in the interaction.

Here are a few creative directions for your reference —

Living examples (1): parallel life.

The 2016 Taiwanese romantic mini-series “Life Plan An and B” tells the story of the heroine facing two life choices after being sent to work in Shanghai: whether I choose “Career (go to Shanghai)” or “Love” (stay with my boyfriend). The whole play, in the form of parallel time and space, jumps between two different choices of life.

Similarly, at the beginning of the ad, the protagonist is faced with two personal choices, so that they can have different ways of living, have meaning, and make people think.
For example, in the advertisement for a series of female products of a sports brand, the heroine chooses to be a model or an athlete (using the ability of “branch plot interaction”).

Examples (2): across time and space.

In the ad for the 20th anniversary of a fast food brand, “Where I met you.”

the protagonist and heroine met at a fast food restaurant 10 years ago

and photographed their children’s birthday party at a fast food restaurant 10 years later.

This fast food restaurant ad verified their 20-year experience and changes

(using the ability of “branch plot interaction”).

In a 100th anniversary advertisement for a sanitary product, the heroine competes for a role with Best Actress 100 years ago. Which role would you rather see play?
Both plots show “the contribution of the brand’s products to the convenience of women’s life” (using the ability of branch plot interaction).

Examples (3): suspense ending.

For the suspense that will create endings in advertisements, viewers can choose different endings.

This requires that there should be a “two-way ending” or a “reverse plot” in the script.

For example, in a 2019 summer advertisement for a fast food brand, the protagonist eats in a restaurant and expects to “run into” the boy she has a crush on.

For this kind of plot that can be reversed, the audience can decide the direction of the plot (using the ability of branch plot interaction).

Even if he doesn’t show up in the end, there will be a happy ending-”at least breakfast is delicious!”

If he doesn’t show up after breakfast, you can also choose to watch the hide gem and lead to another ad ending (using the interactive ability of “picture information exploration”) .

In an ad for a fast-food brand in 2017, the father cared for his second brother while neglecting his daughter.

So the daughter locked herself in the house and refused to communicate with her father.

Dad apologized patiently.

“every child should not be ignored and needs company. “

So as a daughter, would you open the door?

Use the branch plot interaction ability: if you choose to “open”, the daughter will open the door, and the father will take the daughter to relive the happy time and untie the heart knot.

If you choose not to open it, the father will write a note and try to put it under the door, but the daughter will shut it out.

Until the note showed only a “picture of fast food brand logo”, the daughter smiled. Although she did not open the door, the relationship between father and daughter was bury the hatchet and make up.

Examples (4): perspective switching.

In the advertisement of a fast food brand, parents constantly tell their daughter to pay attention to all kinds of safety when driving for the first time.

Using the interactive ability of “perspective switching”, the default is “parents’ perspective”-parents are worried or even follow her silently.

Watching their daughter drive past a brand of fast food restaurant to buy food on the way.

However, if you switch to their daughter’s perspective, the daughter has already noticed that her parents are following her and warmly bought the brand of fast food for them.

In short, interactive video advertising requires high quality of advertising creativity, which also means that “in interactive video advertising, more excellent advertising ideas can be realized.”

Future trend of Interactive Video Advertising.

With the rapid development of interactive video and the gradual maturity of technology, products and market, the market of interactive video advertising will reach a certain bottleneck in the future. At this time, we need new innovation to stimulate growth.

At present, interactive video advertising is still in the early stages of market launch. We guide and promote interactive video advertising to enter a stage of rapid development through the development of industry standards. Furthermore, we also provide you with innovative directions and ideas.
“Future interactive video advertising” will become a hot field in the video advertising industry.
As for the trend of interactive video advertising, we summarize the following four points:

  1. Interactive video ad will break out quickly in a short period of time: similar to “in-and-out advertising in creative content”, interactive video advertising has a high degree of interest among users at the initial stage of launch, and the effect of advertising at this point can be the best.
    Advertisers are pouring in one after another in this innovative dividend period, which makes the interactive video rapidly enter the explosive period.
  2. Interactive video is a variety of forms and innovative upgrades: the existing forms of interaction are based on the innovation of current user habits and delivery environment. In the future, with the changes of interactive technology, user habits and market environment, the content and interactive ways of interactive video advertising will become more diverse.
    In addition, after the large-scale promotion of interactive video advertising, it is expected that “users’ interest and perceptual sensitivity to interactive advertising will gradually decline”, which requires the video industry to maintain the innovative ability to keep pace with the times and constantly push through the old and bring forth the new. propose more creative forms of interactive video advertising and interaction.
  3. Supported by big data, personalized interaction: with the diversified innovation of interactive forms, the number of nodes that users can interact with and the optional plot results increase.
    Based on big data’s user profile, personalized interactive nodes and content can be set according to different user characteristics.
    Personalized interaction may become a trend of interactive video advertising in the future.
  4. AI is involved in content production: in the future, the application of AI technology in the field of video advertising and video content production is becoming more mature. It is also an inevitable trend to automatically generate advertising content by combining user characteristics, advertisers’ needs, market environment characteristics and other information.




Creators can contribute videos with multiple branching storylines so that viewers can interact with the video. Viewers can interact with this type of video directly on the player, choose different options, and experience the different endings.

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