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Numerical component: V value and X factor

Mood points statistics accumulation in Dating sim

Numerical component

This interactive ability supports the content creator to accumulate a series of interactive operations of the audience over a long period of time with “numerical value”, and inherits “the tendency shown by each interactive operation of the audience” through the method of assigning values. Finally, the development of the corresponding plot is triggered by the cumulative value of the “value” under the branch plot chosen by the audience.
The methods of assignment include, but are not limited to, increase, decrease, multiples and random numbers, etc., and the content creator chooses the application according to the actual needs of the story.

Users’ values.

Numerical value has the advantage of comprehensive feedback on the results of multiple interactive operations, which is to make your content better understand the audience, and provide personalized content according to the preferences of different audiences.
Numerical values can make the correlation between “audience interaction operation” and “content feedback” more diverse, so as to improve the personalization and realism of the interaction results.

friendship and relationship points between each of the characters

morality scale


a. Props collection.
Interactive effect description: the audience through the interaction with the objects in the screen to collect, get the corresponding numerical state changes, so as to obtain the content eggs or affect the next development of the plot.
The items are mainly the core props in the plot, including treasures, secret books, weapons and equipment, etc.

b. bonus content

Interactive effect description: support to insert some hidden content that can bring “surprise” to the audience in advance.

If users find and interact with the bonus content, they get a corresponding numerical reward, so that they unlock more stories outside the main plot.

c. Mini Game.

Interactive effect description: if you add Mini Game links to the nodes of interactive content (allowing the audience to manipulate the character’s response through the game and get a score based on the results while watching the movie), then your content can enhance the audience’s sense of plot substitution and achievement.

Use scenario recommendation.

It is used in romantic TV dramas that confuse viewers.
The audience needs to accumulate for a long time (interact with the plot many times) in order to decide the plot.
Therefore, the creator needs to come up with the ending plot that conforms to the intention of the audience.

V value

During the viewing process, users can accumulate V values through interaction. When V values reach or meet conditions, a variety of states can be achieved, including:

  • The hidden scenario is triggered when the V value is greater or less than a certain value.
  • Skip a plot when the V value is greater or less than a certain value.

In an interactive video, multiple V values can be recorded and acted on at the same time, and our platform also provides the creator with the storage capacity of multiple V values.

A single interactive video can specifically support up to 5 values.

X factor

This interactive ability supports content creators to accumulate a series of interactive operations of the audience over a long period of time with “X factor”, and inherits the tendency of each interactive operation of the audience. finally, different content is triggered by different cumulative values of “X factor”.

Compared with the various components that can only instantly feedback a single interactive operation, “X factor” has the advantage of comprehensive feedback on the results of multiple interactive operations, and such feedback can be delayed.

The “X factor” is highly related to the interactive operation of the audience, which can make the relationship between the interactive operation of the audience and the content feedback more diverse, so as to enhance the personalization and realism of the interactive results.

1. The function dimension of “X factor”

The core of the creator’s application of the “X factor” is to enable the audience who has made different interactive operations to get a personalized content experience.

The personalized content experience mainly includes the following three dimensions (the schematic diagram takes the branch option component as an example):

(1) change the video content through the “X factor”, so that the audience who has made different interactive operations can experience different video contents and endings at a specific time.

As shown in the diagram above, the content creator can associate part of the ending and the trigger conditions of the content with a specific cumulative value or range of cumulative values of the “X factor” to achieve the effect of displaying the ending and content for specific users.

(2) through the “X factor” to change the “interaction point”, let the audience who have made different interactive operations experience different interactive content.

Content creators can let some interactive points be displayed, hidden or replaced only when the “X factor” reaches a specific value or range of values, which in turn can bring different interactive content to each audience.

(3) through the “X factor” to replace or partially change the components in a certain interactive point, so that different audiences can also carry out different interactive operations in the same interactive point.

Taking the branch option component as an example, the content creator uses the “X factor” to influence the branch option component within the same interactive point, adding, decreasing or replacing some branch options, so as to show different options for different audiences in the same choice.

2. X Factor setting.

On the basis of understanding the action mechanism of “X factor”, the content creator can set the following three parts of “X factor” to really make “X factor” play a role.

(1) the creation of one or more “X factors” and their initial values.

(2) the numerical change conditions corresponding to each “X factor” and its change rules.

(3) the influence of the above three dimensions on the content experience when each “X factor” reaches a specific value or range of values.

3. “X Factor” + AI (big data.

(1) make the platform understand users better.

“X factor” forms a deeper and more dimensional user understanding in the long-term interactive record, and then provides users with more personalized platform experience, including content, service and so on.

(2) make the content match the audience preference in real time.

“X Factor” is combined with AI and platform big data to really match the personalized content for the audience in real time during the broadcast.

The differentiated content will be accurately given to different audiences to meet the personalized needs, while making the content produce greater value.

(3) make the content creators understand the audience better.

“X Factor” combines the abilities of AI and big data to understand the interactive behavior of the audience, judge the content preference of the audience, predict the matching degree between the content and the audience, and feedback the audience’s demand and preference to the content creator.

If you want to deepen the impact of each option on the plot, you can also turn on “advanced features” to set values for the options.

Depending on the final accumulated value, the player will eventually get a different finale.

This value is often used in the affection value between male and female protagonists and other types of games.

With advanced features, you can set hidden plots, such as branching options that are probabilistic.

If your hidden options are cleverly designed, your interactive videos will be replayable.

The audience will have a second or third time.

The desire to replay your video over and over again.




Creators can contribute videos with multiple branching storylines so that viewers can interact with the video. Viewers can interact with this type of video directly on the player, choose different options, and experience the different endings.

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