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The creation and production process of interactive video

The creation process of interactive video.

By using the basic and advanced functions of the interactive video creation platform, the creators upload relevant materials and storylines to the platform, configure interactive components, and release them after review, so that your interactive video can be provided to the audience on our video platform.

On the creation platform, after the relevant material uploaded by the creator, your video is encapsulated and combined into an “interactive video”, and then distributed to users based on our video platform.

  • Our interactive content platform is the interactive content full-process management platform we provide for content creators and developers, standardizing storyline setting, material production, effect preview, content review, version management and other processes to provide service guarantee for content creators.
  • By standardizing the play, we support content creators to quickly customize personalized interactive play components, and by modularizing the terminal technology, we provide low-level support for interactive play on the interactive playback platform.
  • Our playback system can flexibly configure relevant interactive play components based on the interactive engine, adapt to the viewing experience of multi-terminal scenes, and collect viewing data and user feedback for follow-up content improvement.

Content creation process.

Our platform will provide content creators with the following capabilities:

  • Content management: upload / manage programs and material files, define names, covers, descriptions, etc., and manage release versions.
  • Storyline setting: manage the content and interactive branches of storyline, realize “logical numerical judgment” and play setting, etc.
  • Effect preview: preview to confirm whether the lens of the interactive content is properly connected, whether the plot logic is reasonable, whether the playback look and feel is smooth, and so on.
  • External release: across platforms, the approved content will be posted to all kinds of terminals with one click to display, so as to realize network-wide push.
  • Data analysis: provide program viewing data and user feedback for creators to improve content.

Interface encapsulation.

Provide a complete set of interactive communication interface for other systems.

By abstracting the underlying interaction capability and encapsulating the main structure and process of the underlying framework, the internal modification does not affect the way other external modules interact with it, access once, and reduce the access complexity of the underlying module during secondary development. quickly complete the implementation of personalized interactive play, and easily support rich and diverse process customization and development.

Interactive video creation will be a new production process.

Interactive video has its particularity in video shooting and editing.

You can add interactive components to your video to make the video have a variety of interactive capabilities, and you can preview and debug the interactive effects of the video on the platform.

For PGC works, the platform will realize the interactive design of the content creator to the video through Interactive Video Service.

Finally, the complete interactive video will be distributed to Interactive Video Engine for audience consumption experience.

Why is natural and smooth content convergence so important in interactive video production?

The content before and after the audience interaction operation plays an important role in introducing interaction and undertaking feedback interaction operation.

On the one hand, the natural connection between the two parts can make the interaction more immersive and avoid the interactive experience of “jumping out” and interrupting the viewing rhythm.

On the other hand, it can also make it easier for the audience to understand the interactive scene and reduce the cognitive processing time of the interactive content, so as to complete the interaction naturally and smoothly.

To achieve natural and smooth content convergence, we suggest to start with the creator’s shooting and editing and interactive content design at the same time.

During the shooting, the pictures and shots before and after the interactive operation are specially designed to ensure that interaction is naturally introduced on the premise of fitting in with the development of the plot.

In editing, combined with the specific interactive scene and the selected components, the video content is segmented reasonably and the screen switching mode is designed.

In the design of interactive content, select the appropriate components and reasonably design the form of component content to ensure that the audience has enough cognitive processing time to complete the interaction easily and naturally in the process of watching.

Logical examination of storyline.

In principle, the storyline of your work should be kept intact. We recommend that the creator make the following checks when submitting the work:

You need to make sure that all your video cards have a complete storyline connection. If there is a break in the storyline, the plot will not be able to continue to play.

You need to make sure that the video card at the end of each chapter has a set ending / chapter content jump.

In order to ensure the integrity of the storyline of the work, the jump connection between the chapters in the work needs to be established manually by the creator.

Therefore, each chapter needs to have a definite relationship.

You can make “jump settings” for individual video cards in your work. The path is: at the end of the video card → Branch option Editing → sets the chapter jump position.

You need to make sure that there is no closed-loop problem with video cards in your work (endless loop).




Creators can contribute videos with multiple branching storylines so that viewers can interact with the video. Viewers can interact with this type of video directly on the player, choose different options, and experience the different endings.

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