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What is nonlinear interactive videos?

In the interactive video, the audience can interact with the plot.

In 2019, We (Bilibili) launched the “interactive video” feature —

Creators can contribute videos with multiple branching storylines so that viewers can interact with the video. Viewers can interact with this type of video directly on the player, choose different options, and experience the different endings.


Our interactive video creation platform is an interactive video content production platform for interactive video creators. Creators and developers can achieve one-stop interactive content production, creation, release and data monitoring through our platform.

Interactive video is a new type of video, in which the viewer can interact continuously in the process of watching the movie, become the protagonist, intervene in the environment of the play, and determine the overall trend of the plot.

The existing linear film and television, variety or short videos all belong to the expression of the creator, presenting the created content in front of the audience, but the audience can not participate in the trend of the plot.

The interactive video is no longer a complete expression of the creator, the audience can participate in the plot expression through the plot interaction in the process of watching the movie.

Let the audience have more choices or a more immersive experience.

Interactive video features.

  • Multi-linearity: the plot of an interactive video usually does not have a single direction, but has multiple branch nodes. The interaction of the viewer on each node may affect the direction of the plot until it leads to multiple endings.
  • immersive: the behavior of the protagonist in the play requires the viewer to complete the relevant interactive actions, which is also closely related to each choice of the viewer, with a strong sense of immersion. “
  • interesting: interactive play can be designed in a variety of ways, such as simple clicks and choices, or in-depth games such as prop boxes and clue sets, to enhance the viewer’s sense of participation with appropriate fun.

branching stories

variable gates

Interactive video is a new form of expression of traditional film and television, which can be variety shows, TV dramas, movies, animation and so on, as well as short videos, which aims to enhance the viewer’s sense of substitution through a variety of interactive forms and means of expression.

For the audience:

Our aim is to enhance somatosensory feedback, plot participation, content exploration and other ways to bring a richer viewing experience for the audience.

For content creators:

It is a video creating tool for “adding interactive capabilities to video”. Our purpose is to help content creators create high-quality interactive videos conveniently and efficiently by adding “interactive ability” to the video and combining it with the whole production process of video shooting and editing.

  • For ordinary creators, our platform provides general interactive components and creative platform to help creators simply create and release an “interactive drama”;
  • For creators with technical capabilities, our platform provides platform-capable API and services to help creators achieve more interactive functions and gameplays.

The viewing path of the audience.

Interactive videos are usually organized according to chapter dimensions, similar to the episodes of traditional videos, through which you can overview the overall plot process.

All the interactive plot clips are organized according to the “storyline” dimension, and users can learn more about each plot branch by viewing the “storyline” and facilitate timely adjustments.

The user’s viewing behavior will be recorded to facilitate the next viewing, including:

Progress saving: users’ records of watching movies and interactions will be saved in real time and can be inherited the next time they enter the same work.

Interactive recording: users’ choices and behaviors during the interaction will also be recorded in “chapters” and “storylines”.

Viewing record: the user’s interactive video viewing record will also be recorded in “viewing History”.

Interactive video is a way to connect with the audience at a deeper level and tell structured stories.

The story will be seamlessly changed according to the choices made by the audience, allowing the audience to explore the story in depth.

Interactivity is a tool in a story, and having a conversation with your audience helps the audience to wonder about the rhythm of the story’s suspense.

It can help the audience learn more about your plot in different ways.

Why do viewers want interactive videos?

Interaction for the purpose of improving the content experience: “interaction” is to make the audience more immersed in the video content, encourage the audience to explore a more personalized plot, and have greater resonance with the content in the whole interactive experience.

Interactive video allows viewers to better experience the wonderful journey.

But the topic selection of interactive video is important, because not all topics can be made into interactive video, your topic selection should be extendable.

Interactive video is suitable for one type of content-compact and exciting video, rigorous logic.

Interaction is a part of content experience, and content is the scene and basis of interaction.

Interaction should be coordinated with the content to appear naturally and smoothly, without interrupting the viewing rhythm, affecting the immersion experience, and forcing the audience to interact.

So creators should avoid forced interaction or excessive interaction.

its final goal is a fully un-authored AI environment with a comprehensive human-level understanding of narrative construction (i.e., the Holodeck)




Creators can contribute videos with multiple branching storylines so that viewers can interact with the video. Viewers can interact with this type of video directly on the player, choose different options, and experience the different endings.

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