Play-Cricket Scorer by InteractSport

InteractSport are proud to announce in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) the release of their new Play-Cricket Scorer application for iOS and Android.

The new Play-Cricket Scorer app — available now in the United Kingdom — offers teams, clubs and leagues, the ability to live score live any type of cricket match — one-day, two-day, Pairs cricket and Twenty20 Cricket matches on both phone and tablet devices.

The Play-Cricket Scorer app gives scorers the ability to score a match in a ball-by-ball fashion, with full control to undo, edit, re-order and change any aspect of a ball, over, team or the match as a whole.

Scorers have full control over match settings, including the maximum number of overs per bowler, balls in an over, overs in an inning and much more.

Live scores are then available for participants and the general public to view on the Play-Cricket public portal, while the game is “In Progress” and the ability to share on social media platforms.

InteractSport CEO Andrew Walton said, “We have observed and learned that the demand, appetite and expectation of live scores and information in community sport has rapidly accelerated.”

“This valued partnership with the ECB, across the United Kingdom, advances the availability in growth demand for cricket of all types including the flexibility to score offline which is ideal for traditional cricket or schools and tournaments.”

ECB Director of Participation and Growth Matt Dwyer said, “The Play-Cricket Scorer App is designed to meet the needs of both the casual and regular scorer, being easy to use and powerful enough to score in a variety of formats. It is a quick and hassle-free way for captains and administrators to record all their club’s matches and automatically upload to

“The ECB has a strategic ambition to create outstanding experiences for all those involved in our clubs. Pivotal to this is supporting our volunteers and making it easier to run their club. Our digital solutions are vital to this.

“Play-Cricket Scorer fits with our plans to grow the game at every level. We want to reduce the barriers that prevent people participating and use tools like to encourage more people to play the game at a recreational level.”

More information and direct download links for the Play-Cricket Scorer app can be found at