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Interblockchain Announces MovingTokens : the first solution to move 80% of the total capitalization across blockchain networks.

August 6, 2018 11:00 ET | Source: Interblockchain
Monday August 6th 2018, Montreal Canada — Interblockchain Lab Inc (, a global fintech software development company, today announced that its MovingToken Application is LIVE on testnet to move, back and forth from Bitcoin and Litecoin networks to the Ethereum blockchain network.

MoveTokens is an innovative application that allows coin holders to “move tokens across blockchain. As an example, to move bitcoins or Litecoins to the Ethereum network and then move back in total OR in fraction the pegged Bitcoins and Litecoins back to the bitcoin and Litecoin blockchain networks.
Fiat money, for example, USD, can freely move from ledger to ledger. One ledger can be implemented on a SQL server and another can be implemented on a blockchain. In all cases, it remains a USD with all the characteristics of the USD. 
In contrast, several cryptocurrencies cannot exist outside on a single ledger. Even if this latter is replicated, it remains a single ledger. Interblockchain’s moveToken allows moving cryptocurrencies across ledgers (i.e., blockchain networks) without changing their characteristics even if they are hosted in a different blockchain technology. Interblockchain brings a unique added value to the blockchain realm by freeing cryptocurrencies from their technical limitations.

About Interblockchain

Interblockchain Lab Inc is a Fintech software solution company based in Montreal, Canada focused on developing next-generation tools and services for blockchain inter-operability. It is developing unique solutions allowing users to “Move Tokens” between blockchains with different protocols. The company is creating the first international cross-blockchain solution to serve decentralized exchanges with robust business management and security. Interblockchain users can “unlock” value in Bitcoin-type protocols and access platforms to exchange or spend their coins.
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