selected as finalist at Consensus 2018 Proof-Of-Work Pitch

Consensus 2018 is in a few days and we are excited to announce that has been selected as finalist for the Proof-Of-Work Pitch and will be presenting its solution May 15th at Consensus 2018, the largest summit of Blockchain technology in the world.

Learn more about and its unique platform to Move tokens seamlessly between blockchain networks, Transact and Exchange.

Interblockchain is the only solution that allows you to:

  • Move tokens from Slow & Expensive networks (bitcoin) to faster/cheaper networks such as Ethereum.
  • Transact; buy products and services with your i-bitcoins
  • Exchange i-bitcoins for alt-coins on non-custodial exchanges

And REDEEM your i-bitcoin into your original bitcoin.

The only fully Reciprocal MOVE Token Technology.

Come and See us at Consensus Proof-Of-Work Pitch on May 15th.