Interblockchain Lab Announces the Closing of A Private Placement financing

July 23, 2018, 11:00 ET | Source: Interblockchain

Monday, July 23th, 2018, Montréal Canada — Interblockchain Lab Inc (, a global fintech software development company, today announced the closing of a Private Placement from a group of Canadian investors. This funding represents the first financing round in preparation for an ICO in Fall 2018.

Interblockchain will use the proceeds from this investment to develop further and test the first service allowing tokens holders to move tokens between different networks and blockchains seamlessly and bi-directional(Bitcoin to Ethereum/Ethereum to Bitcoin). This application has been in development since late 2016 and is currently available on testnet on

“Blockchains with their various protocols are silos into which billions of dollars in value is captive. Such value in Bitcoin-type blockchains(bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin) can be unlocked as they are “moved” to faster and cheaper blockchains while retaining its initial value. While there is a trend towards decentralized exchanges to respond to security issues plaguing custodial exchanges there is a shortage of solution to bring tokens to them in an efficient manner.” said co-founder and CEO Didier Martin. “Interblockchain is the first solution allowing users to “Move tokens” between blockchains and redeem them back as oppose to an exchange where you “give up” your token for another one. Moving Tokens empowers users with cross-platform, bi-directional and built-in security backed by Blockchain protocols.”

About Interblockchain

Interblockchain Lab Inc is a Fintech software solution company based in Montreal, Canada focused on developing next-generation tools and services for blockchain inter-operability is developing unique solutions allowing users to “move tokens” between blockchains with different protocols. The company is creating the first international cross-blockchain solution to serve decentralized exchanges with robust business management and security. With Interblockchain users can “unlock” value in Bitcoin-type protocols and access platforms to exchange or spend their coins.

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