Transledge: the swiss-army knife for cryptocurrencies

Why is Transledger the Swiss-army knife for cryptocurrencies and digital assets?

J.L. Marcoux
Dec 10, 2019 · 3 min read

The Swiss-army knife is a symbol of versatility and an all-in-one tool for multiple tasks. Transledger has developed the ONLY fully integrated and compliant platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies that includes:

1)a multicurrency digital wallet;

2) KYC-AML membership onboarding;

3) digital payment and FREE fund transfers;

4) a MoveToken application;

5) a fully decentralized exchange;

6) the only fully compliant Canadian dollar-backed stablecoin: the D-Cad;

7) easy token issuance on four blockchain networks;

8) real-time blockchain monitoring and Transaction accounting.

Transledger is a technology leader in DeFi(Decentralized Fintech) introducing innovations in fund and digital asset transfer, transaction monitoring, and accounting on multiple financial networks. We develop solutions for real-life problems on multiple blockchain networks from EOS and Stellar to Ethereum. We are now beta launching all applications from KYC/AML- compliant memberships, transferring digital assets between blockchains; issuing digital assets, providing payment and monitoring transactions on multi networks.

A unified Dashboard to access all applications

The Transledger dashboard gives users access to a plethora of applications from digital wallets, onboarding, and membership to fund transfer, payment, Decentralized exchange and token issuance. All under one roof.

The first real integration of cryptocurrency payment in billions of browsers

Transledger is the first company to have payments into browsers through the W3C standards and protocols. The Transledger solutions can be made available in billions of browsers from Chrome, Safari to Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Transfer fund for FREE between members by using a simple email address

Transledger members can transfer funds and payments for FREE while simply using an email address. No need for cumbersome public keys impossible to remember and easy to lose. Our goal is to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Peer-to-peer FOREX: A bridge between fiat money and cryptocurrencies with the D-Cad

Transledger holds a money-transmitter license in Canada and is now offering the only compliant digitized version of the Canadian dollar: the D-Cad. Clients can set their own exchange rates between USD-CAD enabling true Peer-to-peer FOREX.

We invite you to visit us at and explore our applications. Or join our . You can also and discover our services currently on testnet and soon to be on mainnet (January 2020).

Transledger : the swiss-army knife for cryptocurrencies.

Disrupting fintech: Transfer-Trade-Transact digital assets and funds through ledger technology.

J.L. Marcoux

Written by

CMO- Transledger Inc.

Disrupting fintech: Transfer-Trade-Transact digital assets and funds through ledger technology.

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