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July Newsletter


Welcome to MarieAnne and Friends newsletter. Looking like it will be a hot, very hot July. 103 a week back. Should hit 100 today and stay hot through mid-month. Nights are staying hot — mid 80s. Our weather is crazy. Drought looms large. I trust things are a bit more sane where you are. Not much to report. My entry to the NYC Midnight Screenwriting contest couldn’t be opened. My fault. Disqualified. Live and learn. Finished the re-editing. I suspect editing is never done.

45,000 words into ‘Conspiracy’, my follow on to ‘The Hit’. The thought is to follow developments coming from the January 6th Committee investigation. Need some bombshells concerning Ginni. Think I can build a sub-plot about her and Clarence. My new characters — Simon, Monica’s father. Madeline, her mother, and Katherine, her sister. Gabe has a new friend — Karen. She’s FBI attached to the Committee. Need to do a little research and hope things break my way — the oligarchs are unmasked.

No word on the Olive Wolley Burt Award contest for screenplays. May not hear anything until middle of August. Initial senior romance built around developing a night club for seniors. It’s a 108 minutes with 29 minutes of songs. Not sure how it might be received. Getting permissions to use the songs will make it almost impossible to produce. Not optimistic. Still, it was fun.

If you’re thinking about writing, don’t let publishing be a major concern. Self-publishing is becoming accepted. It couldn’t be easier. It may be a backdoor to traditional publishing, if you want to go that way. Build a following and the publishers may let you in the door. Publishing is easy, marketing is not. Trying to crack that nut. May be the basis for a business model for Intercede.

Well, that’s about it. Summer is here. It could be nasty. Winter is looking attractive again. Back on the road. Have a standby battery just in case. Cue Willie.

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Contest entry. Prompt Quote. “It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he’ll look for his own answers.” — Patrick Rothfuss.

Couple nice reviews. I have read so much of your writing over the years and have come to look forward to the clever ways in which you weave your tales. You tell stories of simple gadgets or situations but you state them in a way not used by most. It’s almost lyrical and it is a beauty to read.
In this story, your writing is based around the Quotation Prompt and you tell a story that most wouldn’t make interesting but because you’re master level in your writing style, it’s a pleasure to behold. This story is aptly titled “Questions” but you make this work in a way that most will want to follow.

Another: What a cute story! I liked that each person had a distinct personality, and I found their dialogue to be captivating and clever. Well done!



Prompt: Write a story that puts a new spin on a cliched western character trope.

Nice review: I was intrigued from the first paragraph. Aside from a few spots, the story held me entranced until the end. I really enjoyed your take on this ‘cliched’ character idea. You came up with a character and a situation that I believe could tell many interesting tales.

The first paragraph hooked me with Percy’s inability to be killed. The descriptions are part of the action and move the plot forward at a good pace. The interaction among the characters builds the suspense. I like Percy because he is an intriguing and sympathetic character. Second, I like the climax because it was a logical conclusion to the story.


I have a friend in my mirror.

Magic Mirror

I have a magic mirror on my wall.
While it doesn’t tell me I’m the fairest of all,
It makes me look better than I am.
Other reflections show truth, mine a kindly sham.

In the morning, I am bright and sunny.
At night, the cares of the day have washed away.
Alas, my mirror is my only bathroom friend,
I need a scale which will not tell me what I weigh.

I see a face younger than it is.
A face without lines, wrinkles, or blemishes.
No cares and vestiges of life experience
Etch or stain my face. Time keeps its distance.

What greets me in the morning,
And bids me ado at night is not me.
Not as I am, but as I was, as I remember.
My mirror is my friend, my unhistory.

Not me as I am, but as I once was.
As I have been. A person facing life unafraid.
A person with hope; a younger, braver me.
I have a magic mirror where time has stayed.

Did I mention my mirror is cracked, broken?
The tales it could tell remain unspoken.

The latest in what is happening to MarieAnne and Friends

Well, that’s about it from Salt Lake. Summer has arrived with a vengance. Spring never seems to have happened. I have no idea what normal is anymore. Buffalo and Uvalde. Now, Roe is overturned and UtALECh has one of those draconian trigger laws. I get some respite with my writing. I can right the world’s wrongs. Still trying to transform poems into songs. Even made it a scene in Billy IV. Have yet to try singing. It may be a mountain too high to climb. Fortunately, I am the only one who will have to suffer through it. Well, take care and let me know what you might like to see.

Any musicians out there? Want to look at some amateurish scores?

MarieAnne and Friends


Sorry to see you go. The door is always open.

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