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Welcome to MarieAnne and Friends newsletter. Just got back from a trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I’ve used elements in designing Cardiff (Reluctant Spy). Visited the Old Wasatch Mountain Club cabin (now Lodge). A number of good memories. Some real, some imagined which have appeared in some of my story. Nice trip

Finished my 120 page (2 hour) screen play, building on a short story from two years ago. May not see the light of day — too difficult to stage, showing computer screens and using YouTube videos which may not be free to use.

Started Book IV of Reluctant. This time we will send John, Melody, and the gang after ransomware hackers. It’s imaginatively called Hacked. Only 10,000 words in. Learning a lot. Should be fun.

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Second Chances

I’m attempting to turn this into the theme song for MarieAnne. Not a lot of luck. Need to work on the chorus, but it does show promise.

Second Chances

Unicorn One.

This is my dystopian tale. What I think might happen should we have another civil war. It started as a contest entry and grew. It’s a long read, but I think you’ll like it.

Unicorn One

First Kiss.

Recycled. Had to trim to make the cutoff. Nice review.

I read every word of this story saw everything as it happened. The girls had a lot of advice to give and I wondered if they were a bit nuts, excepts perhaps Cher. I suppose such conversations go on between young girls, had never thought much about it. This read has a lot of imagery. I feel it is a well told story. Thank you for the entry.

First Kiss

The latest in what is happening to MarieAnne and Friends

Well, that’s about it from Salt Lake. Fully vaccinated, hope it’s same for you. Hot July, seems to be cooling off. Fingers crossed. Fires have been south of us. This will not be a good year for the environment. Some politicians are finally waking up. Hope it is not too little, too late. Well, take care and let me know what you might like to see.

Any musicians out there? Want to look at some amateurish scores?

MarieAnne and Friends


Sorry to see you go. The door is always open.

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