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MarieAnne’s May Newsletter


Welcome to MarieAnne and Friends newsletter. Overcast with the threat of a light rain. Still a little cool, but Spring can’t be far away. Not much to report. Spent the last month re-editing 21 of my books. Apparently ProWritingAid has gotten much better at spotting my misuse of commas — too many, not enough, and the ugly comma splice. Good excuse to get re-acquainted.

Had planned to abandon THE HIT because its plot was dated — bozo is out of office. Found I liked the characters (Steve, Gabe, Tony, Stu, and Sally). Thought I’d give them a new mission. Have a rough idea what I want (a second insurrection) but no plot. Need to do a little research.

Entered the Olive Wolley Burt Award contest for screenplays. Initial senior romance built around developing a night club for Seniors. It’s a 108 minutes with 29 minutes of songs. Not sure how it might be received. Getting permissions to use the songs will make it almost impossible to produce. Not optimistic. Still, it was fun.

If you’re thinking about writing, don’t let publishing be a major concern. Self-publishing is becoming accepted. It couldn’t be easier. It may be a backdoor to trad publishing, if you want to go that way. Build a following and the publishers may let you in the door.

Well, that’s about it. Spring is just around the corner. I’m ready. Once the trees get their leaves, I should be on the road again.(Cue Willie).

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In time, as we get to know each other better and you tell me what you would like to know about MarieAnne, this section will expand. For now, I will add short stories or other tidbits which I think you may enjoy. You might find it convenient to use Chat at MarieAnne’s website


Contest entry.

Supposed to be a humorous poem. Not that funny. Modified sonnet ABCB. My take on the current state of our politics.

The Puppet

I dance and prance as I am told.
I say what they want me to say.
I gladly dance around issues,
Ducking responsibility.

I’ll tell you what you want to hear.
But never what you need to know.
I will make you hate your neighbors,
And scare with fabricated foe.

I am a greedy puppet,
Dancing to any tune they call.
I dance for money and power.
Knowing I am free from recall.

I lie, cheat, steal because I can.
I’m a corrupt politician.


Prompt: It’s the last day of your character’s old life. Tomorrow is the beginning of a new one. How does your character spend the final 24 hours of the only life they’ve known up until now?

Nice review: Awesome story. I wish it were really possible scientifically. It is just too bad for all the people out there who would have so much new to experience. It is a very hopeful story. The characterization is awesome. I love the doctor. Sam was awesome I love the last two paragraphs.


War of the Worlds


The Unicorns and Mermaids are on the verge of war or war has already broken out. Spin tales of what happened to bring this about, how the war is going, or who wins and why/how. This is inspired by the mermaid lover, the unicorn lover, and the one smart enough to remain neutral.

Nice review:

Awesome! I love Neva and Robbie. I am glad they had each other. They both needed friends. They made excellent diplomats too. I have to wonder if mother nature didn’t let this happen just so those two would have each other, oh and to teach most of the rest of the mers and unis a lesson too.

War of the Worlds

The latest in what is happening to MarieAnne and Friends

Well, that’s about it from Salt Lake. The worst part of winter is over, I hope. I have no idea what normal is anymore. Nice start to Spring. Doesn’t look good for Summer. Still trying to transform poems into songs. Even made it a scene in Billy IV. Have yet to try singing. May be a mountain too high to climb. Fortunately, I am the only one who will have to suffer through it. Well, take care and let me know what you might like to see.

Any musicians out there? Want to look at some amateurish scores?



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