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My app hit 500 installs in less than three months with no marketing budget and little to none promotion effort

I’m in a really good mood today. My app hit 500+ installs in less than 90 days. Yeah!

I have published my first app on PlayStore on 18th June. It took 87 days to get app installs from 0 to 500. Here are the stats:

But what I’ve actually done?

Not really sure, but I’m sure I’ve done some things correctly.

After I’ve finished building the app itself, I had already have created a logo and icon ready.

App logo is the first thing you’ll see on Play Store and if don’t liked it at first site, visitors will skip on next one and not seeing detail nor will install your app. Have to act smart about app logo.

Having in mind the graphic should be simple and associated with the app purpose (this one is about online opportunities, ways to earn online and starting an online business) it has to be something that implies business. money, internet..

A dollar sign was perfect but have to spice it a bit. So I’ve put it in a circle emphasizing the wholeness and the purpose.

Have choose a sky blue color as it symbolizes trust, stability, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and my app is about stable, legitimate ways to make money, providing intelligence and wisdom to learn how to start online and grow.

This is what I came with:

Simple enough, yet visually appealing enough to get attention and make visitor to come and learn more about the app it self.

Logo was just a start. ASO — App Store Optimization was something I did next and seems I’ve done a good job. Have written a brief but not too short explanation in the store listing:

  • App name
  • short description
  • what the app contains and how can help the person who installs it
  • what are the requirements to use the app
  • how to use it.

Along with the required graphics and app screenshots (more the better) that was all about ASO. I’ve took the screenshots directly from my phone and add it to a 6.5" phone template (same size as my own Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro). So the images shows the app exactly how it looks on my 6.5" phone.

Something I did’t do was creating a video about my app. This could improve online visibility and get more attention. I promised myself to do this very soon. The video doesn’t have to be fancy. An intro with the app logo and sequences that show different app sections or explain how to use an app is fine.

I’ve upload the APK file and in 48 hours my first app Make Money Earn Online was live on Play Store.

While waiting the app to go live, I’ve quickly prepared a homepage for my app. I went to blogspot and create several posts. Have to figure out how to create a featured post (instead of a landing page which was too much work to do for a simple static page). If I should go with WIX think would be done in less time and effort.

Two days later my app appears on PlayStore listings. At the end of the search results to be honest and not showing in appropriate category at all except in New apps and after couple days stop showing.

First thing to do when I saw my app listed was to share it on social media.

Twitter was my first choice. I have 12K+followers there, so I shared the link. Come back later same day and add a picture of the app Logo and share it again. Actually I’m sharing the app every few days in different times since.

Pinterest was my second place to share. I’ve post there my app logo, few promotional graphics I’ve made for ASO and links to app page and PlayStore, add a link to app install

Facebook is the largest social media and great for marketing but with no marketing budget I could only share about my app on my personal wall and in related groups which I had to find first and join. I do free promotion there once a week.

Seems that I was exhausted my promotion channels, so I’ve turned to the app. Have experimenting with different features and finally figured how to add a sharing button within the app and also added option app users to be able to rate / review it.

Although there are little installs in the first two weeks, I’ve asked several friends to install and use the app for a couple of days, rate the app and write a review (positive of course). This actually work!

After a week number of downloads grows, not much but more than usual 1–2 a day.

I needed more ways for free promotion.

I’ve turned to a classified sites. Those that don’t require registration and are free. I don’t specifically target the largest sites. Instead I focused on country by country classifieds. One day I was searching and posting in classifieds in Canada, next day in India, third in Italy and so on. I’ve been doing this about 2 hours every day in the next 2–3 week, till the end of July. My app already hit 100+ installs till then.

Last month I’ve been looking for alternative app stores, app review sites and app listings. Have found and submit to some 10–15 sites. This increased daily app installs by couple of more.

And I’ve stopped there. Last app update was more then a month with a version 1.1.8. Everything was OK with my app, I’ve stopped all promotion except posting on social media for free 2–3 times a week and nothing happens.

Until few days ago. Installs boom! About 50 new installs a day!

What happened? I’m not sure and have to analyse yet how and what is the cause and sources, but looks like things start moving on the right path even with no marketing budget.

If this trend follows, my app will get next 500 installs till the end of this month. And I’m not running any free or paid campaign.



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