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The sovereign robe of men’s sherwani has come a long way since it was originated during the period of British India in the 19th century, which was considered to be the court dress for the nobles and Mughals of that time. Since then it has marked itself as the “Classic” ethnic wear for men and in the present epoch, it has gone through numerous transformation marching with the emerging ultra-modern fashion trends.

Here I will guide you to smartly harmonize your sherwani with your personality & body shape as you showcase yourself in the most spectacular form for the grand event.

WEDDING SHERWANI: Designer sherwanis play a major part in the groom’s wardrobe for the north Indian big fat weddings. This majestic attire is looked forward as the precious treasure outfit and so it needs to be picture perfect for the royal wedding ceremony.

6 important tips to be taken into the list while choosing the sherwani:

  • Not to compromise with the fabric quality, this should be the finest.
  • The embroidery & embellishments on it should be the work of expert craftsmanship.
  • Should be of perfect body fit.
  • Accurate color pick as per the skin tone.
  • Right accessorizing.
  • Co-ordinate your sherwani with your bride’s outfit.

4 important tips towards perfect wedding sherwani as per your body structure:

  • If you have the muscular structure opt for the sherwani options of Bandgala with Churidar pants or nice fitted pants or Angarkha sherwani with churidar bottoms. These sherwani silhouettes will enhance your strong body frame giving a bold outlook to your overall personality.
  • If you have a normal structure & short height avoid sherwani rather go for well-fitted suits/tuxedo or dhoti kurta and accessorizing with a nicely tied satin turban/ safa with jeweled brooches giving you the extra inches of height. Avoid too much accessory.
  • If you have a bulky structure you can opt for Patiala bottomed sherwani or jodhpuri bottomed sherwani also you can team it with a waistcoat or Modi jacket. Go for monochromatic hues especially darker tones of colors for the bottom, contrasting with the sherwani. The sherwani shouldn’t be baggy but perfect fit. Avoid panels in the outfit.
  • If you are tall and slim go for Indo western sherwani or kurta with Patiala pants pairing with a well-fitted jacket. You guys should avoid slim fitted pants or churidar as it will make you look leaner. Avoid monochromatic tones rather go for lively dual tones. Avoid vertical designs rather go for horizontal ones giving you a wider frame.

INDOWESTERN SHERVANI / ACHKANS: The customary men’s ethnic attire of sherwani has got a forward push with the introduction of “Indowestern sherwani”. This popular kind of sherwani has got a substantial amount of recognition in modern times with its interesting fashion development. The creative fusion of traditional and contemporary style has brought up an incredible outlook to the attire.

5 short tips to style your Indo western sherwani/achkans:

  • Accessorize smart with classy brooches, contrasting perfectly placed pocket squares, smart gold cufflinks, and stylish handcrafted footwear.
  • Avoid over layering if you are short height, focus more on accessories and right pair of shoes.
  • Show off your statement style while carrying off a shawl or safa for the occasion.
  • You can opt for printed achkans but play safe with prints. Make sure it blends perfectly with your personality.
  • Make sure your outfit is comfortable enough to shake a leg with your family.

Thus I come to the end of this blog post and I hope all the men out there are set to make their wedding wardrobe stunning with the above style tips. Good Luck!!!

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