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Did the Hebrew Bible Say When the Messiah Will Come?

Chronology of the Messiah in Judaism and Christianity (Part III)

Model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Ariely, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Daniel 9 — How long is ‘seventy-sevens’?

Who is the anointed one(s) of Daniel 9?

Christian perspectives on the “anointed one”

Which historical period Daniel 9 is speaking about?

Haggai — glory of the temple

Malachi and the Messiah

How will we know Messiah is Son of David?




Stories about faith, spirituality, and religion to bridge gaps, expand perspectives, and unify humanity.

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Nick Meader

My background is in psychology, epidemiology and medical statistics. I’m mainly discussing here theology, philosophy of religion and mental health.