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The Soul in Exile and the Global Crisis

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‘Who is this ego arrogating I? They have no place in the palace, but once admitted inside, they overrule the king and affirm their own existence. But after some enquiry, the ego’s existence is easily disproved and the king once again affirms ‘I Am Reality.” Siddharameshwar

What has appeared on the screen of our times, hiding behind the invisible ink of the weakened mind?

Writ large is a giant sign: ‘Beware, your soul is in exile, now more than ever.’

For everywhere, people are floundering, blown like chaff in even the slightest breeze, without anchor, adrift from their moorings, entirely oblivious to what they share in common, the only thing that could save them.

Each new strand of propaganda has them clutching at labels that simply rebrand what has ever been, to achieve the needed identification with the herd. Yes, the vast majority have lost their minds, entirely without knowing it in the prevalence of mass psychosis.

There is no need to go into that again. Mass psychosis, sometimes called mass formation, has been written about by both myself and others.

Life across the globe hangs in the balance, hinged on a pivot that opens both ways. We might call it consciousness, the sense I Am.

In movement — the arc of the restless mind — it births the world; at peace, it becomes the Absolute. The portals of stillness and silence beckon.

Will you choose the Creator or the creation, which contains every increasingly crazed idea of minds gone awry, a simple reflection of a world without roots, the abandonment of God?

I have seen the same process in therapy clients over many years — lost-ness, confusion, lack of identity, crippling co-dependency, a smorgasbord of addictions; the vast symptomology of the soul in exile.

So many have yet to comprehend this very world is exile!

I lived it myself and as a boy was assailed with images of being blindfolded and spun around; a rat in a maze desperate to find a way out.

Of course, when I was eight I didn’t understand what it all meant, but as an adult discovered I had been deliberately lied to about the truth of my origins, now a universal story as humanity gathers evidence to question everything we have been told.

The lies are everywhere, our subjugation nearly complete. Prophecies are turning out to have legs, ‘conspiracy theories’ no theory at all.

We are beginning to understand we are all traumatized, if not individually, then certainly at the archetypal level. No-one has escaped what has been done over thousands of years, the plan to kill or enslave all, now hurriedly expedited.

I have argued the reason so many people still cannot see what is going on, cleaving to the very instruments of oppression, is the vast disparity between individual light in the soul.

This inner light and its cultivation, is imperative in order to emerge from mental density and eons of conditioning taken to be true.

We have all been brain-washed; the irony being the more intelligence, the more you live through the mind, the less likely you are able to see the join.

The intellectual is buried beneath his own concepts.

When a person is traumatized, the ‘ego’ (really a stream of thought claiming to be us) floods and dominates consciousness. Instead of its intended role as a bridge between conscious and unconscious life — a simple functionary — it becomes vastly overblown (remind you of any politicians you know?).

But something else of immense import occurs. Our necessary roots into the unconscious are pulled out and we leave, or appear to leave, the universal field into which we are born.

We then feel like separate and fragile entities, waves that have forgotten our place in the ocean and, birthed into a terrible fear, clamour for survival, significance and success.

This terrified being — really just an idea — has pushed God off his throne and sits like an infant in the royal seat, a King Baby ranting and raving and, in his wrath, wreaking vengeful havoc upon those who do not have his need to play the big man.

Ego is not reality but appears as such,’ says the great sage Siddharameshwar. ‘The one who says I am the one who experiences is swallowed by the demon and still remains within the illusion.’

Maya is an illusion so powerful, it is said fewer than one in millions escapes its clutches, a fact aggravated by our oppressors whose divide and conquer strategy is working well.

Schism has nearly won the day — and yet, there are signs the tide is turning with consciousness itself rising like a tsunami as light floods the planet.

If we could only learn to eradicate our particular ‘I’ and understand we are consciousness itself, that God lives at the heart of all, this awakening will accelerate rapidly.

Those who seek sanctuary in the mind and the received wisdom of the collective will remain misguided and vulnerable, while those who remember their rootedness in the All will mutate a fallen humanity via a different branch.

We will see new leaves blossom. Spring is on its way, but first we need to till the soil, root out memory and false ideas. The work must be completed on an individual level if we are to succeed and move into higher realms.

Let us remember what mythology teaches: those who are sovereign are at first abandoned and betrayed.

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