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Why Man Needs a Change of Heart

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‘The childish individual wants someone to save him, the adolescent wants to fulfil himself absolutely and independently. The true man simply serves good company and surrenders to Truth, the living god.’ Adi Da Samraj.

In times of mass insanity, when madness is nearing the top of the mountain, we could do with a healthy barometer.

I have always chimed with these words from the late American spiritual teacher who, although controversial, understood a few things we could all do with learning.

In my own ascent, I see myself represented at different times in each part of his statement — needy child, greedy adolescent and, finally, existing outside of time in presence, the definition of the true man.

You may notice both the child and the adolescent are reaching for a result in time and have not passed through the gate where the true man resides.

This fundamental division is the opportunity we see now, its portal hard to find. We know how hard it is to pass through the eye of a needle. We were told by the most important teacher of our time.

He called for a fundamental change of heart, an evolutionary leap in consciousness from mind to heart and the recognition of the love hidden behind the clouds of thought which obscure our daily walk.

A man must be born of first water — the gateway into the physical world through the mother — then a rebirth of the spirit so we may know the timeless realm and the truth of being.

Our destiny is to be the true man and experience an end to the journey of becoming in this dense, and largely unaware, physical realm.

Sultan Walad, son of the renowned Sufi mystic Rumi, put it this way:

‘The human being has to be born twice, once from his or her mother, and then out of his or her own body and of his own existence. This body is like an egg, the essence of man must become in this egg a bird, thanks to the heat of love. And then he will escape this body, into the eternal world of the soul, beyond space.’

It’s a message you see throughout spiritual literature; in Christianity, it is called being born again, but is exactly the same thing. The message is clear:

Unless there is a base-level shift, an utterly radical reset in your understanding of yourself, any change is really cosmetic.

I have witnessed this struggle countless times working with therapy clients and know the territory first-hand.

Most often, what happens is this — after a few sessions a client starts to feel better about himself and has one goal in mind: to restore lost business opportunities and the romance that means so much.

As yet, there is no real commitment to personal metamorphosis, simply an attempt to rehash the old life, to become a better ego, more powerful, more productive.

Individuals do this and so do nations. American rabbi Jonathan Cahn in his book about 9/11 describes those tragic events as a limited strike, a warning from the divine for America to change its ways and return to its founding principles.

It is not my purpose here to muddy the waters by questioning the involvement of freemasons etc. and any subsequent manipulation, simply to make his point that not only was this warning ignored but that the country went back to business as usual and instead of humbling itself, remained defiant.

Now, not just America but the world, faces a far greater threat which many see as the further fulfilment of ancient prophesies inimical to the future of mankind.

Once again, we are faced with the same dilemma — do we simply do more of the same going forward or can we recognize both the need and opportunity for a fundamental change of heart?

Unfortunately, most, instead of recognizing the threat posed by the bankers and their elite brothers and sisters, now reaching its endgame after years of planning, remain children clinging to the very objects of their oppression and seeking salvation.

Instead of finding the hidden doorway to new life within, they thrash desperately to lock out the truth and bury their heads in the sands of time, soon running out.

While the masses are the children of Adi Da’s quotation, the politicians and their friends are the blind adolescents, hitting out angrily in their quest for more and more of everything.
That will not end well for any of us, them included.

It can’t do because it bypasses spiritual and natural law and remains a toxic product of the myopic mind that cannot find the portal and has no interest in doing so.

Yet as our persecutors see the world rise — as is finally happening — it is possible that many in their fear will reach a rock bottom and that uncomfortable word repentance.

That is their portal and it is impossible not to forgive any genuine repentance. They must be assured a second chance on the condition they are genuinely committed to making amends.

We live in an epoch when it must be concluded the human experiment has failed; most prefer self-seeking over brotherly love, entrained to think only of themselves.

The true man is held in contempt, laughed at and scorned, while children and adolescents in suits run the show. Everything is back to front.

Last night I watched an interview with Justin Trudeau’s half-brother who knows exactly what is going on in the world and his sibling’s fall into the clutches of the power-mad.

‘I know which brother I’d like running my country,’ was the interviewer’s conclusion.

Merkel, Macron, Ardern and Trudeau are all graduates of the World Economic Forum’s leadership programme, which boldly declares its intention to steal your life from under your nose.

There is a better way and there is still a chance for the heart to prevail. You can feel it in the air in Ottawa and other places around the globe.

It is the job of ordinary men and women to make the transition. After all, the meek will inherit the Earth.

Humanity can still rise to a higher level of consciousness, the era of the true man still a potential and one we must seize.

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