Welcome to Intergenerational Inspiration!

Intergenerational Inspiration in a BRIDGES program at Coburn Elementary School

By the year 2025, more Americans will be over the age of 65 than under the age of 13. This will be a big population shift and for all of us to live together in harmony, it will be essential we understand and appreciate each other. So, each week, I will be interviewing people from executives to entrepreneurs, celebrities to athletes, community leaders to educators on their most meaningful, impactful and inspiring “intergenerational” relationships they have experienced. We will learn about their moving and purposeful stories of what it means to be older and learn and teach younger people and what younger people have learned by listening and building relationships with older adults. From finding out how the retired NASA engineer played a role in the life of a student studying robotics to the journey of a screenwriter who began his career under the wing of one of Hollywood’s legendary directors. But, I thought it only fair to begin his series by sharing my own intergenerational inspiration and how it changed my life which led me to being Founder & Executive Director of Bridges Together.

Two of the inspiring, intergenerational change-agents Andrea J. Fonte Weaver has trained