Ten Simple Vaastu Tips For Home Interior Design

Vaastu is an ancient science of creating a harmonious atmosphere at home or any place based on the balance of five life forces or elements. When the elements of air, water, fire, space and earth are used in the right manner, your home becomes a happy place to live in, and you are blessed with wealth and health, according to this ancient belief system.

Vaastu Tips for Interiors

Here are ten simple vaastu tips for your home interior design.

1. Colours play a major role in interior design. According to vaastu, every direction has a certain colour assigned to it. Orange can be used for the dining space, while red can be used for the South. Green is a colour for the North, blue for West and NE, while white is for NW and East.

2. The NE area in your home is said to be a sacred/holy spot, so keep it free of any clutter. You could ideally place your gods here.

3. Have storage space for your valuables/cash in the SW area of the home, because this direction is governed by prosperity/finances.

4. On the door of your home, you should have an auspicious image/symbol for energy. It could be the image of a god carved on the door or on the handle. But don’t hang a picture on top of the door from outside. Also keep the entrance clean; keep brooms or mops out of sight.

5. Don’t hang art that represents melancholy, violence or any negative attributes.

6. Whenever you use any elements to decorate the walls, make sure that your wall hangings or knick-knacks are placed either on the Western or Southern walls of your home.

7. When it comes to the bedroom, make sure you use soft shades like beige or a soft shade of pink, and not dark colours. Vaastu also says no to the concept of an aquarium placed in your bedroom. You should also not place any idols of gods in the room, and avoid placing your head towards the North, as it leads to disturbances.

8. In your living room, ensure that the seats for your guests are placed in such a manner that they are in the SE or NW directions, and are facing West or South.

9. You should be careful where you place mirrors at home. Don’t place a mirror in such a manner that your bed is reflected in it, as it creates negativity. Also, don’t place a mirror in such a manner that your main door is reflected in it, as it would chase out negative power.

10. Plants are an important aspect of home decor, but according to vaastu, there are certain houseplants that are good and some not so good. Neem plants or tulsi is said to be good, while thorny plants or cactuses are not said to be good.

Follow all these above principles of vaastu for best home interior designers in Bangalore so there is harmony, health and happiness for everyone living in the house.