Christmas Is More Beautiful In a Home Designed by a Pro

Image Source: DCU Design

Millions of Americans are facing the holiday season with disappointment around the capacity to entertain elegantly.

Christmas is a time for decorating the home and entertaining guests. For those who haven’t been keeping their interiors current, it can be a depressing reality check that no matter how much one does, no amount of holiday decorations will compensate for the “bad bones” of a poorly designed home interior.

To show how much of a difference a designer can make, let’s creatively compare photos showcasing the following decorations used in homes that were professionally designed versus homes that were not.

First, the Christmas decor accessories:

Now, let’s put them into different rooms to see the effects.

Take a look at this beautiful living room by Lumar Interiors , and then the living room afterward, which both use the same Christmas decor. The difference in aesthetics when comparing the following images is dramatic.


Image Source: Lumar Interiors

These interior design pros have predominantly stuck to one color scheme in their design; their tones are warm and the homeowner can easily incorporate a bit of red to fit the Christmas theme.

However, this room doesn’t come together with the same Christmas decor items:

Image Source: HGTV


The following comparison was made just with two Christmas decor pieces:

Image Source: Design Directives

Even though only two decorations have been placed in Susie Hersker’s design, this living room is very much radiating a cozy, festive, and inviting ambiance.

However, the very same decorations placed in this room simply don’t create the same holiday cheer:

Image Source: Ugly House Photos


Our last example includes a stunning interior by one of my favorite designers, Nandina Home & Design:

Image Source: Nandina Home & Design

One of the design elements used to make this living room so beautiful is the earth tone palette, which provides a great base for Christmas (or any season’s) decor.

On the other hand, this living space shows a less refined color scheme and a generally bland, outdated feeling, although it uses the same Christmas decorations.

Image Source: Ugly House Photos


When a homeowner keeps their interior current, then it becomes effortless to create a special feeling for the holidays. Consulting with a designer will guarantee that your home will provide you, your family, and guests, the feeling that you all desire for every special occasion, large and small.