Secrets to Perfectly Mix & Match Traditional and Modern Design

“Transitional” is a popular term in design circles and an interesting style to include in your interior whether you choose to use it throughout your entire home, a single room, or by adding elements that treat your home to a transitional look. Transitional design blends two very different and popular styles, traditional and contemporary. Making use of each aesthetic, this style has succeeded in gathering many supporters; mainly those who seek classic comfort and beauty along with an interesting clean contemporary touch. It might be easiest to think of transitional as an updated version of classic design.

Transitional Living Room

Image Source: VRA Interiors

When it comes to transitional styling, designers, such as VRA Interiors of Atlanta, tend to apply a monochromatic color palette which allows for texture and fabrics to be responsible for bringing excitement and interest to the design. The term monochromatic is used to describe an interior which has been decorated with one single hue in mind, as well as the various shades that can be created from that very same color; and although monochromatic color palettes are common in transitional designs, they shouldn’t be thought of as the rule. As for textures, transitional design allows plenty of variety. Anything from very smooth textures to coarse ones such as corduroy, cotton, leather, and denim that are only a few to mention. Notice how beautifully the deep brown sofa harmonizes with the bright, patterned pillows and the way the traditional armchair fits in nicely with contemporary elements brought to the design.

Transitional Dining Room

Image Source: Talianko Design Group, LLC

This is a lovely example of a transitional dining room where straight lined furniture meet playful curves. The natural, warm color palette used on the walls and the upholstery on the dining chairs perfectly compliment the dark, lacquered wood. Simple and chic framed art accessorizes the back wall while the warm lamps work towards creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Natural wood with white panelling work beautifully on the ceiling with the classic styled table and chairs.

Transitional Kitchen

Image Source: Andrea Schumacher

One of the main characteristics of transitional design is the neutral floors. They work as a clean, quiet and simple surface, allowing the more interesting furniture and accessories to shine through. The very talented Andrea Schumacher show us that glossy wooden floors look lovely beneath brighter constructions, such as the cabinetries in this kitchen which bring warmth to the design; and a nicely patterned rug is also used to add just a little bit of interest. You know it’s a transitional styled room when you find it difficult to determine if you should describe it as traditional or contemporary.

Transitional Bedroom

Image Source: Andrea Schumacher

Modern and classic are combined once again in this bedroom design. The curtains and the rods from which they hang add a traditional touch to the room. The floors are dressed with a neutral carpet along with a second, pastel colored one on top. In terms of color, different shades of baby blue offer a relaxing and summery feel whereas the gold finished bedframe treats the room to a little glamour in an otherwise classic design. The bedside tables, along with the lamps and vases on top of them, are beautiful elements which make the design transitional.

Transitional Bathroom

Image Source: Sroka Design

In this bathroom the warm, traditional, dark wood sink base cabinet meets the simple lines of modern design. Marble, which is used on the countertops, is an element versatile enough to suit both styles and therefore is usually found in such designs. The faucets here are another great accent of transitional design as they sway between modern and traditional, helping to set the tone for the room. The warm yellow glow from the metallic light fixtures complement the three mirrors placed above the counters and the finishes add just enough dazzle.

Transitional Touches

Image source: Bayberry Cottage , California Faucets , Aidan Gray Home

If you have already decorated your home but want to try experimenting with transitional design, it can be as simple as integrating transitionally styled pieces. A quick search on your favorite home decor website will reveal the endless accessories designed to add transitional touch to your space such as these stunning Bayberry Cottage dresser drawers. Your bathroom can also be transformed and upgraded with little effort by replacing them with gorgeous and impressive faucets styled for transitional bathrooms. Transitional designers lean heavily on California Faucets as they offer custom finishes that allow traditional metals to be utilized on modern faucet designs. Finding a piece of furniture such as this nested, gold coffee table is a way to boost a stylish and luxurious transitional design, and works perfectly in smaller apartments where lack of space can be an issue.


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