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Oct 16, 2018 · 5 min read

When was the last time you bought something useful and beautiful for your home for under $10? Something that lasted significantly longer than a month? Yeah, that’s what I thought. IKEA happens to be one of my favorite stores and I furnished my whole home by visiting my closest store just twice. #TrueStory

Besides for proving to myself that Bob The Builder is certainly NOT the only one who can do it, I just love walking around the store and convincing myself that I need an apple slicer, seven new table runners and a couple of scented candles. Just one for every room, that’s all.

Scented candle in glass, 3 wicks, Pine and moss, brown

Okay so maybe those aren’t a necessity (to you), but I guarantee you that the next 10 items I’m going to list will suddenly become high priorities.

Trust me.

Cushion Covers
Imagine being able to redecorate your living room for under $10. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, believe it or not, buying new cushion covers for your sofa (or even the throw pillows on your bed) can completely alter the vibe of your space and make it seem like you’ve changed a lot more than just a few pieces of material.

Cushion cover, blue/pink

IKEA has plenty of gorgeous cushion covers for under $10 and you can check them all out here. You’re welcome.

Shopping Bags

Being eco-friendly is so IN right now, and everyone is jumping on the environmentally conscious bandwagon — something we should be super grateful for. So when you can get yourself an easy-to-clean and stylish bag to use instead of the single-use plastic bags from the supermarket, I think you could say that everyone wins.

Did I mention that they’re $1.99 each?

Shopping bag, red/white

Soap Dispensers

I love having a stylish soap dispenser in my bathroom instead of changing the bottle every few weeks. Depending on the look you’re going for, it can make your bathroom look more sophisticated, fun and organized!

Soap dispenser, bamboo

I’m mad about this soap dispenser! The stunning and natural bamboo exterior creates such a calming feeling and is bound to turn your regular bathroom into a natural, enjoyable space.

Table Runners

This is one thing that I never thought I’d own, but landed up buying so many of. Table runners are just one of those small things that can spice up your dining room look, without putting too much pressure on your budget. A colorful table runner can add pizazz without being over-the-top, and you can stick with neutral colors or go for something more bright and exciting.

I have a wooden dining room table, and my runners are all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, adding such a bright aura to the room!

Table runner, pink turquoise, light green

Although not ALL of IKEA’s table runners are under $10, you’re sure to find one that you love from their list that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet.

Kitchen Storage Containers

Like I mentioned before, being eco-friendly is all the trend, and Ikea makes it that much more convenient with their affordable kitchen storage containers.

IKEA 365+
Food container with lid, rectangular glass, glass plastic

Not only do these stylish food storage containers make sure your food doesn’t lose its taste, but they also make everything neat and easy to find because, well, you can see right through them! This fact also makes it so much easier to notice when you need to re-stock on something in the fridge.

Coffee Makers

There’s nothing quite like a cup of good coffee, and you don’t need to go to your closest coffee shop to quench your caffeine desires, you can do it yourself at home!

Offering coffee makers for just $7.99, IKEA really does make dreams come true:

French press coffee maker, glass, stainless steel

Lamp Shades

Guyssss I got all my lampshades from IKEA and I love them! The shades don’t have to specifically be for lamps, but can also be used for ceiling lights, adding an elegant or funky feel to the room immediately.

I’ve been waiting for this moment:

Pendant lamp shade, white

This is my living room lampshade! I know you want to copy me and get it, too. Or choose your own one here.


Being the first thing that someone sees when they come over to visit, your doormat can be one of the more exciting items to purchase for your home. Something cute and quirky is always a plus, but simple and stylish works just as well, and lucky for us, IKEA has both, all under $10!

Doormat, natural, red

Storage Boxes

Whether you have a vast collection of scarves or your underwear and sock drawer is bursting at the seams, IKEA has the clothing and accessory storage solutions just for you. Buying storage boxes with different compartments help you organize your scarves, belts, jewelry and so many other things that we tend to hoard and fill our closet with. Does this mean we won’t lose any more socks?! Check ’em all out here.

SKUBB Box, set of 6

Tea Light Holders

Candles add the most beautiful ambiance to a home and I love having them in almost every room, honestly! Sometimes candles can already come in a pretty jar or container. If not, it’s cute to light up some tea lights for a romantic dinner or a dinner party for close friends at your home and pop them in a stylish tea light holder! Look how beautiful this one is:

Tealight holder

Sleek and sexy, this tea light holder is one of my faves. If it’s not your taste, browse here and choose something else that you love.

Happy IKEA shopping, everyone!

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Interior Design Inspiration

The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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