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When it comes to setting just the right mood, the bedroom is probably the most critical spot in your house. Think about it. All of our other spaces are pretty single-minded in function, but the bedroom needs to be romantic, relaxing, functional and inviting.

That’s a pretty tall order that tends to carry a pretty steep price tag. Thankfully we scoured the net, to find the top 5 trends at a fraction of the cost.

The Multitasker

Source: Brightech
Source: West Elm $399

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a lighting solution that does as much as you do?

Now you have. The Trilage by Brightech is the perfect multitasker. With 4 rotary switches and moving arms, this lamp creates unique spaces in your bedroom. It’s great for your desk, reading nook and kicking back in bed.

We also love that unlike other lamps, the Trilage is all LED, so your room stays cool and comfortable.

Compare: Brightech Trilage at $103.99 vs. West Elm’s Curvilinear at $399.

The Getaway

Your bedroom may serve a lot of purposes, but most importantly it should be a place of rest and relaxation. Get away every day with a beautiful but functional side table.

We love a 2-in-1 side table and lamp which provide easy access to all your relaxation essentials. At only $84, the Madison by Brightech will probably be your cheapest getaway yet.

Source: Brightech

The Dreamer

Source: Jonathan Adler

There is something so romantic and dreamy about a tall, arched torchiere. These lamps are definitely on trend and have the price tag to reflect that. An arch lamp by Jonathan Adler, for example, can run you over $1000!

Source: Brightech

Our alternative is a beautiful arched floor lamp with a warm shade, and modern brass finish.

All for under $100. You’re welcome…!

Everything Zen

You don’t have to go big to make an impression. These beautiful table lamps are so calming and emit a warm glow. Set one next to your bed, reading chair, or chaise.

Put on some soft meditation music or the calming sounds of nature to create an instant spa, from the comfort of your own bed and pajamas.

Source: Brightech $49

The Drama

Your bedroom should be a one-of-a-kind, just like you. Your decor, bedding, furniture pieces, and even headboard say so much about who you are and what you love. Like every showroom though, the right lighting is everything.

Rebecca Robeson, an interior design superstar, always says that lighting is the key to a perfect space. In a video she made, she recommended adding a tall, unique floor lamp to elongate the height of the bedroom and give that splash of drama.

Source: Youtube

Robeson is well-known for her high-end luxury designs. Here’s a snapshot of a lamp she recommended. These lamps can typically be found for around $300.

The geometric base is modern and captivating, while the barely-there white shade creates that luminous glow.

The brass legs on the tripod lamp pictured below, are so elegant and on trend. Now, you can have all the right kind of drama in your bedroom.

Source: Brightech $56

The Bonus

I know, I said 5, but I couldn’t resist throwing in an extra bonus. If you are anything like me, the moment you brought your bundles of joy home, chaos and mess moved in and romance ran away screaming. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait until those babies go off to college to invite romance back in.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Once your kids are tucked in, try to pull yourself away from the dishes and the laundry and cozy up (or collapse) into bed.

To achieve instant romance, lace LED string lights across the ceiling, or drape them whimsically along the headboard or bed posts.

Get a beautiful LED set here and let the romance begin.

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Interior Design Inspiration

The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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