9 Easy Habits For An Organized Home

“When you clear clutter — you make more space for you”- Magdelena Vandenberg
Credit: camillestyles.com

Do you remember the last time you flipped a magazine and wished that the organized and spotless room belonged to you?

Wishful thinking aside, we all suffer from clutter, whether it’s our personal space or the ones we live in. And like the expression “Rome was not built in a day”, the same stands true for the overflowing stuff at our home.

Here’s a plunge into the 9 absolute must-do’s for an organized and clutter-free home.

  1. Stop it at the Source 🛑
An organized work desk by Elsa Noblet on Unsplash

To save your desks from a pile-up of mails, newsletters, coupons and bills, you’ve got to stop it at the source.

I can vouch for the amount of trash I had to manage for those unaccountable mails, from my personal experience until I started walking straight to the trash-can next to the mail box and disposing off all the unnecessary stuffs right there, bringing home only those that I knew I would need to take a look at.

2. Assign a Place For Everything

A Simple & Modern Organizer From Pottery Barn

There is no second best thing to have the habit and the system of keeping things where they belong to and that is the ultimate key to an organized and clutter-free home.

Simple things like quickly filing your important bills, having a stationary tray for those “need to take a look” mails, key holders at the entrance, an umbrella bin and a destined place for things like your wallet and phones are great steps to make your life and home more organized and also incremental to save time in those rushed morning hours.

3. Ask — Think — Buy 💡

Knowing to Control Excessive Shopping

Well, it is true that it is typically hard to resist from buying all the fancy and good looking stuff at the stores thinking, “we may need this one and that one” but when de-cluttering is on your agenda, the wisest thing would be to withstand this temptation and give it a thought if we have room for it in reality.

Also, when you’re enthused about buying all those pretty bins and storage baskets, first sort your stuff, assess and then buy. This saves you from not having to deal with the extra storage thereafter.

4. Make most of your Trash Days 🗑

Trash Day Planning Stickers on Etsy

One of the easiest way to help organize and plan your declutter agenda is to split your cleaning based on your Trash days.

I find this one particularly helpful because not only do I get enough time and deadline over the week to organize a corner or a room but also have the trash move out of my house by the very next day. 😎

5. Utilizing Shelves & Store-Away Boxes

Storage Furniture from Home Depot

Do you feel like never having enough space in your home?

This can either be the result of unplanned shopping or the fact that you have underestimated the benefit of effectively using your hidden corners, shelves and drawers to their utmost potential.

Luckily, there are tons of smart ideas for the most creative shelves and good looking DIY storage baskets to be a part of your home and never having to worry about being unorganized.

6. Reuse, Recycle and Donate 🍃

Upclycled Furniture from Ruggy DIY

The era of minimizing carbon footprint comes with the added advantage of declutter.

Reusing old containers, furnitures and upcycling cartons that come free along with your online shopping not only means being more creative but is also an excellent way of not adding new stuff to your household until you actually need it.

Many organized people also maintain a Donation box to keep aside things they no longer use, to manage their declutter mantra.

7. Visualize & Be Realistic

Let’s be realistic. As much as we love that perfectly clean room from the magazine, it is next to impossible to have your home looking that impeccable all day, all year long or even wanting it to look that good, overnight.

Don’t stress yourself to achieve perfection but trying to achieve what appeals to you in convenience and comfort should be your goal.

8. Classify your Closets

Credit: Pottery Barn

Our closets are the strongest victims of clutter and always end up with clothes and other stuffs we do not wear or need anymore.

Discarding those old clothes, outdated medicines, broken trinklets and other accessories, in addition to sorting your dirty laundry are quintessential for your declutter project.

9. Develop a Declutter Ritual ☯

An Organized Console Table | Credit: Better Homes

Having to develop a declutter ritual as part of your habit is your to-go solution to organize your house. Set aside a time to sort and arrange your things everyday or spread it over the week to keep your nerves relaxed and unlock the secret to your clutter-free space.