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Oct 21, 2018 · 6 min read

8 ways to spruce your decor with this incredible textile in indigo.

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I am pretty enthused to talk about Shibori in this article. It’s not just about the rich traditional history of textiles or it’s undeniable beauty but also the memories it brings along for me trying to learn this art as a textile designer.

While some call this ikkat, some tie and dye, and others, resist dyeing of fabric, the Japanese have proudly named this art of textile, as Shibori.

So what exactly is Shibori?

It was not until the 20th century that the Japanese came up with this incredible manual technique of creating intricate designs on a fabric, especially cotton.

There are several ways one can bind, knot, fold, twist, or stitch fabric for shibori. Each craft creates a unique and different pattern. It is amazing to see how no two shibori can ever be alike. (I know, pretty amazing right?)

Credit: Kyoko’s Blog

And as simple as it may sound, Shibori is more than merely knotting a piece of fabric and dipping it in a bucket of dye. This Japanese manual art of resist dyeing is elaborate and for centuries people have experimented to create astonishing floral and geometric motifs.

What is the influence of Indigo on Shibori?

Dating back to history again, the adventures of Shibori did begin with Indigo. It was the most traditional and widely used natural dye of the early Edo period. Moreover, the color of Indigo resulted in deep pigmentation and vibrant colors in varying shades.

The influence of Indigo in Shibori has been breathtaking!

With this technique winning over the western world of home goods and textiles, other vibrant colors of purple, red and even tan have become hugely popular. However, Indigo Shibori continues to be a hot favorite even until this day.

So if you’ve been seeing throws, cushions, upholstery, home decor, and accessories in Shibori, be rest assured that this is no accident. In fact, it is a huge classic trend of recent years and the love for Bohemian style will surely make Shibori last longer than we think.

Let’s look at some attractive ideas to introduce Shibori and Indigo in your valued abode.

  1. Vibrant Throw Pillows and Floor Cushions 🔆
Source: Etsy

If you are in the mood to experiment being around Indigo or Shibori, throw pillows are a great start. You can introduce these as accents with your furniture and uplift the vibrancy of your decor.

The beauty of Indigo is, in spite of it being a bold and deep color, it seldom overpowers in a Shibori. This is because of its blend with the whites. In fact, it is one the best ways to create an atmosphere that naturally lets you unwind.

Source: Wayfair

And what do you think about this Shibori floor cushion in Indigo?

Isn’t this yet another example of traditional art put to modern use? I’d say, this could be a great pop-up tool for an uninteresting room.

2. A centerpiece for your Bedroom

Source: Etsy

Take a look at this beautifully done handmade duvet cover in Indigo. The watercolor design justifies it as a piece of art than any other regular duvet in navy. It is comforting, stylish and is just the right fit when you want to create a focal point in your bedroom.


3. Seat in style 🕶

Source: Anthropologie

Who thought that this ancient technique of resist dyeing would come this far? This handcrafted fabric with unique patterns on a sofa is the height that Shibori is relishing today.

The classic french silhouette holds the dignity of shibori patterns to fit remarkably well in an avant-garde lifestyle.

4. Shibori on your Walls

Source: Interiors addict

Designers Pepa Martin and Karen Davis made a huge contribution to the Interior Design Community with their boutique agency, called Shibori in 2005. This Sydney based designer duo, started their company inspired by the Japanese art of textiles.

Of their many experimental and stunning designs, one that has really got our attention is the Shibori wallpapers.

You will be amazed to know the story behind these admirable wall coverings. Each design is originally handcrafted and then digitally produced with a woven effect to keep it as natural as possible.

The end result is absolutely fascinating and as you admire the wallpaper, don’t forget to look at the shibori lampshade and bright yellow stool.

5. Elegant Homeware 🍽

Source: Grazia

Believe it or not, but trend experts and the natural desire for a beautiful home today, do emphasize your taste in kitchenware.

When crystalware and bone china enjoyed the monopoly to rule most of our dinner tables, it’s a must that we take a look at this contemporary range of dinnerware from the ‘Newstalgia’ collection.

6. Table Linens 💮

Source: La Tavola

A concept of homeware would be incomplete without the kitchen and table linens, right?

The team of indigo and shibori have thus astoundingly made themselves visible for special occasions like weddings besides the regular purpose of home decor.

7. Framed Wall Art

Source: Potterybarn

It is understandable if you’re already preparing your shopping list but before you finish, take another look.

If you can adorn your walls with your embroideries, photographs, DIY arts, then why not Shibori?

After all, it is a piece of art that your walls would be delighted to flaunt. The moody blues of Indigo create a sense of serenity and make you feel rooted. It’s natural, toned down and vibrant all at the same time. Shades of indigo are very easy to blend in with your existing decor, thanks to its versatile and accommodating nature.

8. Deep Indigo Shibori Rugs

Source: Overstock

Rugs are an incredible way to create an interesting focal point in your room. And with a bright, bold rug in Indigo like this one, you effortlessly create a chic and elegant vibe that sticks with you all year long. The shibori effect mutes the loudness of indigo and enhances the energy without overwhelming your space.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with Indigo, especially in Shibori, for it is one of the most adaptable decors you can introduce to your home.

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The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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