Minimalist Design for the Hoarder at Heart

Lior Feigin
Oct 10, 2018 · 5 min read

Coming home to a relaxed and comfortable environment is something that is important to almost everyone, especially those who work from home. Having everything neat and tidy, organized and orderly, is vital for a bright and hassle-free mind.

Entering a room that is filled with mess, dust, and disorganized files can leave us feeling hassled and tense; not a recipe for a stress-free lifestyle!

Photo by Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash

Current research has shown that having a messy and disorderly home can cause high levels of stress and even make you sick! Returning to a mess after a day at work can also put a strain on your relationships, according to studies done by the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Your home should be your haven, a place where you can unwind and relax away from the outside world. Have you thought about the fact that your home could potentially be making you depressed? I am a hoarder, and although I like to keep things elegant and tidy, I often find myself wondering why I’m keeping certain things (I’m sentimental, okay!) and I know that in my heart, I don’t need half the stuff I’m keeping around the house.

Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

With minimalism becoming so trendy, it made me wonder whether it’s something I could try, and see if it reduces my stress, as a true hoarder at heart.

So I did some research, as one does, and it turns out there are room designs which can have a harmful effect on your mood. They can include:

Clutter — makes you super anxious;

Darkness — can make you feel miserable and depressed;

An overly bright environment — can cause stress;

A very small or full room — can make you feel confined or claustrophobic; and

Having your belongings out of order can, well, make them hard to find.

Look around your home right now, even if it’s just the room that you’re in: What do you see? Are there any piles of paper (typically bills and junk mail), car or house keys, shoes by the front door, unwashed mugs, sunglasses, or other random objects? I think we have somewhere to start!

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

If you’re serious about incorporating minimalism into your living space, then this all needs to be cleared up and cleaned!

What needs to be in sight? Put bills away in a designated spot (so you won’t forget to pay them), buy a keyholder to put up on the wall so that all keys have their own selected space, and remember to be consistent with your new process!

Start in the Living Room

The living room is the most practical room to start with when choosing a minimalist interior design. This is because most of your leisure time is presumably spent in the lounge and it’s also the room that most of your guests will be able to enjoy.

Think outside the box and choose lighting that is beautiful, as well as multi-functional. Seems surreal, right? Chandeliers or any other type of over-the-top lighting piece may be a minimalist’s worst nightmare, but there are some stunning lights available that are works of art in themselves and can complement any minimalist interior design.

They add value in a way you never could have imagined!

Brightech Maxwell Floor Lamp

This tall freestanding lamp lends a soft ambient glow to contemporary spaces while providing a 3-tiered display with shelving for added convenience (a minimalist’s dream come true!).

Combine Style with Function

Style and function combine to brighten up your room and provide a storage or display area for vases, books, electronic devices, or other items. The opportunities are truly endless with this versatile lamp and shelf combination. Storing things in a modern and minimalist way have never been easier.

Because we’re on the topic of convenient lighting that adds value to saving space for your minimalist design, I have to show you another fantastic lamp. Similar to the one above, the Maxwell USB Floor Lamp by Brightech is another winner for minimalism:

Maxwell USB Floor Lamp by Brightech

This fresh and contemporary look, with an off-white shade that’s open at the top, softens the brightness of its bulb for a diffused glow that’s easy on the eyes. The Maxwell is a gorgeous lamp which would be a smart addition to any living room or bedroom.

With two (yes, two!) USB ports on the top tier of the lamp, you conveniently recharge your mobile devices or stick in an electronic photo frame to show off family portraits to your guests. The shelf also features a US plug for any electronics in search of an outlet. Oh, my happiness!

Move on to the Bedroom

Now that we’ve covered the living room, the next most crucial room (or the most important, in my opinion), is the bedroom. Making sure your bedroom is well lit, but not too bright, is vital. Natural light is our first choice, but at night we can’t rely on that.

Using minimalist interior, clever use of floor lamps, pendant lights, LED strip lights or concealed lighting, can add a perfect touch to a minimalistic design as a decoration, as well as a source of light.

A personal favorite of mine is this Twist Floor Lamp by Brightech:

With a modern and functional style, many people may choose to put this lamp in a shared space like the living room or entrance hall. Although that would work beautifully, too, I think that the unique and modern style of this lamp will change the whole vibe of your bedroom.

Its slender design makes this futuristic lamp the perfect choice for small spaces that need a dimmable bright light. It spirals 43 inches in height and will look stunning in a minimalist designed space.

Find Your Inspiration

Now that you’ve seen the many rewards of focusing on minimalist interior design in the home, do you feel inspired to make some changes? I hope you do…as these small changes made a huge difference in the way I felt at home.

Get started on clearing out the unneeded things and create an environment that encourages clear thinking, relaxation, and reduced stress. And remember, the definition of minimalism isn’t empty or cold; it’s just a more stable, orderly and uncluttered method to home design.

Happy hoarding-free days ahead!

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Interior Design Inspiration

The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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