Nabomita Das Roy
May 7, 2018 · 6 min read

Who doesn’t want to stay tuned with latest trends, be it fashion and lifestyle or be it home decor? But like it or not, there are only a few styles that are lucky enough to remain as ‘forever classics’, where most other styles prone to fade away.

So, while we are trying to make most of 2018 in terms of decking up our indoor and outdoor spaces, we might want to keep an eye on those home-trends that are officially being classified as outdated and are ready to say goodbye.

Here are my 10 picks that you should look out for, before you decide to revamp your house or start on that room you’ve been avoiding.

1.Bye- Bye Nautica ⛵️

Credit : Google

The sailors ship has sailed and as much as the nautical theme has enjoyed its golden era in the ocean of home interiors, it’s time that it should get some rest.

The bold and typical nautical blues, anchor home accents and the feeling of overlooking the sea has now started to feel obvious and a bit overdone.

Here are some decor themes inspired from driftwood or color pallets of the coral reef that can still satisfy your love for the sea, BUT with a statement.

Home-Decor Inspired From Corals and Driftwood, Credit : Pinterest

2. Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs from Brightech

The trend for the Edison Bulb reminiscing antique-style art began it’s journey from Brooklyn’s fancy food joints and made its way to almost every second or third eatery with a patio service, we know of today.

But let’s face it. We are all kind-of done with the harsh warm bulbs now and need one with a more comforting and modern day style of soothing chandeliers, like the one below where the light is meant to cast upwards rather than directly on top of you.

Modern Chandelier from West Elm

3. Dainty Damasks

Pinterest Image

Damasks are a classical favorite. I’m personally an admirer of the damask pattern. It’s rich, vintage, intricate and soothing. But like they say, “nothing lasts forever”, Damask patterns and prints unfortunately now land up in the list of fading trends, at least for now.

So, if you are thinking of re-upholstering your furniture or your wallpaper, the experts would suggest that you go for modern shapes or abstract patterns or better still brighten up your space with bright, bold florals.

Abstract Floral Wallpaper on Overstock
Bold Floral Curtain from Urban Outfitters

4. Bulky Furnitures 🏋

Today’s modern decor era is motivated with “clutter-free” as the mantra.

Big-n-bulky, space consuming furniture are a big no-no in 2018’s Home Decor Trends and it looks like it will gain quite the impetus to have a lasting impact. Minimalism is gaining importance because it doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style.

Sectional sofas, such as the one right below is a great example of modern day luxury with clean lines giving you enough comfort to enjoy and leaving you with enough space to move around it. 😎

Chic Sectional Sofa from Article

5. No More Whites Please ✋


The white-on-white era has thankfully passed!

As much it was a pain to keep it sparkling clean, it also brought along with it enough boredom after a period of time.

Morever, when the world has so much color, patterns and texture to offer, why refrain from the pleassure? While white can still be used to accentuate or balance a space, adding bright and colorful accents is THE thing to do in 2018.

Impressive Blend of Colors with a Warm Ambience created by deVOL

6. Not Everything Floral 💮

Floral is definitely welcoming but shouldn’t be overwhelming at the same time. It was way back in the 80’s that the love for floral was evident on every piece of household, from linens to drapes and even onto wallpapers.

But today it’s all about making your uniqueness stand out.

Using florals as an accent cushion or a stand-alone accent chair is a smarter way of bringing in life to your home-decor.

I find the vibrant collection created by product and interior designer Caitlin Wilson so impressive and as must-have in my home. At least some day!

A Stunning Accent Cushion in Floral from Caitlin Wilson

7. Frilly Bed skirts

No matter how vintage and how royal these ruffled and frilled bed skirts may make you feel, they are under the ‘officially outdated’ list.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to fitted skirts that more chic or better still, you always have the privilege of not having to put one at all.

Wow, look at that puffy bedsheet

8. Industrial Detailing

Credit: Pinterest

Brushed or burnished metals along with the Edison Bulbs, belong to the Industrial Decor Era that started to fade out by 2017.

What replaces them are warmer and shinier metals like bronze, copper, gold, rose-gold and natural materials like marble and densely textured woods.

Modern Side Table from Wayfair

9. Sophisticated in Matte

We started with whites and then fell in love with stainless steel as the standard choice for our home appliances. We still have the love for the ones in black but the matte-finish is definitely about to rule everything out.

And all this rage started out with the Matte KitchenAid’s Stand Mixer and trust me, baking addicts have nothing to complain about it AT ALL.

These matte appliances are so set to change the face of modern day kitchen.

Resist it while you can! 🤞

Range of Matte- Finish Appliances from Kitchenaid

10. Granite is OUT!


2018 Home-Decor is not falling for the Tuscan themed decor or the granites any more and this one is also officially in the scrapped list. Ouch!

What’s in is the ever elegant Marble and it’s making a come-back in forms of irresistible tabletops and countertops in both black and white colors.

Marble Coffe Table from CB2

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The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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Interior Design Inspiration

The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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