Check out the smartest ways to transform your space with these 10 incredible lighting ideas.

Nabomita Das Roy
Sep 20, 2018 · 6 min read

“Designing with lights? Is that even a thing? — Umm, well of course it is!”

We understand this has been a ‘secret’ for quite a long time, but not anymore. Appropriate lighting is one of the most important elements to create the right ambience and open up spaces that have been living in the dark.

Apartment dwellers often struggle with adequate floor space and inflow of natural light that poses a challenge to make the wisest decision for the correct light fixtures. Creating an ambience that is inviting, especially in a small space can get complicated. The purpose of lights in order to open up small spaces is a combination of both utility and aesthetics. Striking this balance without having to go overboard with your expenses is the ultimate key to your well-lit abode.

Check out these 10 amazing ways to open up your space with these luxurious yet affordable lights.

  1. Clear Glass Table Lamps
Clear Base Table Lamp from PB teen

Interesting right? A transparent bodied table lamp, like glass instead of a wood or metal is the one thing you might want to check out when you go shopping for lights. These lamps look particularly light and create an illusion of space due to their transparent features.

2. Pick the Right Lampshades

Modern Drum Lampshade from Brightech

Lampshades bring in the element of decor into your room. Having said that, they have more function than just a pretty looking accent piece and can hugely affect the quality of light you are aiming for your room.

A light colored lampshade will definitely allow more light into the room than a darker one which is more focussed for the sake of decor but won’t be helpful in expanding the look and feel of your room.Get experimental and explore your options for some modern lampshades in glass, linen or mesh to make most out of your lamps.

3. Incandescent Lighting

Warm and multi-utility Tree Lamp from Brightech

You do not want to have worked on an excellent decor plan for your space but miss out on the essence of lighting. We all want a warm inviting space at the end of the day and incandescent lights are your friend.

The soft warm lights can provide enough for your lighting needs plus create a soothing ambience after a long day at work. These lights feed low on energy consumptions giving you ample opportunity to brighten up your space.

4. Add Task Lighting

2-in-1 Smart Task Lamp from Brightech

When we consider lighting our apartments, we often forget the importance of task lights. As the name suggests, task lightings are dedicated to focus on a particular area of work or study, much similar to the concept of desk lamps.

Besides the focus on your work space, task lighting can be a great non-glare addition to brighten your room and serve the dual purpose of lights for beauty and utility.

5. Utilize your Wall Space

Mid- Century Wall Sconces from West Elm

Traditional forms of lighting can be your to-go option when choosing light fixtures but how about putting your wall space into use?

Small spaces very often struggle with space and like wall shelving has turned out as one of the most popular storage solutions, so have wall lights fixtures.

Wall lighting fixtures or better known as wall sconces can be put to multiple uses being installed as bedsides, mantle highlights, at the entryway or even to focus on your favorite art piece.

6. Try Dimmers

A Futuristic Twist to Dimmable Lamps

Dimmers gives you the freedom to control the intensity of light in your home. Many experts suggest integrating dimmer switches wherever possible to add more convenience. If that isn’t an option, then explore lamps and light fittings that come with dimmer options.

Dimmers lets you choose the ambient setting most suited to your mood and occasion. That means fewer lamps, appropriate brightness and a seemingly larger space.

7. Spot-on Mirrors

Light Focussed on Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic way to visually double up space and this trick will never go out of trend. Placing a mirror opposite to a light source or even a well-lit window can make a huge difference to your room. But what if you do not have the luxury of such a natural light source?

The easy and smart solution can be to mount a light fixture overhead the mirror to substitute for the lacking natural light and create a bigger brighter space for yourself.

8. Incorporate a Statement Light

A Modern Statement Chandelier featured on Vogue

A statement light source from your ceiling in the centre of your room can do more wonders than you can imagine. This doesn’t necessarily mean bulky and expensive victorian chandeliers but opting for clean lines and mid-century designs.

Your statement ceiling light can be anything from a starburst or clustered pendant lights depending on your budget and desired look. Large and bold pieces will grab your attention towards the ceiling and create and illusion of a much larger space than what it is for real.

However, you must keep in mind that a statement light cannot serve the purpose of the adequate illumination alone but will require accompanying light sources to live to its purpose.

9. Using Vertical Lamps

Sparq ARC LED Floor Lamp from Brightech

We love lamps and they are our most traditional choice when selecting light fixtures for our spaces. While there are a multitudes of floor lamps to choose from, the best ones suited for smaller spaces are the slender and vertical ones.

Vertical floor lamps require much less floor space and can be easily placed in any corner without turning the room into a cluster of mess. Similar to using modern furnitures pieces based on straight lines, vertical lamps run by the same motto to open up small spaces into bigger and brighter areas.

10. Dispense Lights from a Corner

Moroccan Style Dispensed Lamp

Still crunch on space or need more open floor space? Hanging a light source from the ceiling in the corner of your room can solve your puzzle.

Paper lanterns were the trend setters for such lighting concepts for a considerable long time and with the issue of limited space in busy metropolitan cities, apartment residents are happy to use left out corners to dispense these absolutely gorgeous lights.

A lack of enough natural light can be a challenge, but choosing the right fixture in the right spot can make all the difference you want to see.

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Interior Design Inspiration

The #1 place to learn about the latest interior design trends, and how to re-invent your indoor and outdoor spaces. We also post information with tips and tricks for managing life in this modern world.

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