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Ecosystem Update #6: 10 October 2022

Scary good updates on new integrations, next steps, and upcoming events

  • The guy wearing sweatpants with the chaotic, non-functional Rube Goldberg machine from this iconic tweet
  • A dying, poorly-manicured hedge with 3 arrows sticking out of it. IYKYK. Also, apparently, hedge costumes are a thing, so it’s an easy one to put together


One of the standout moments of the past month was using cash to mint iBTC in minutes with the Bitcoin ATM at the Bitcoin Conference in Austria. It felt like a glimpse into the future, where Bitcoin transactions are quick, transparent, accessible, and trustless. With Interlay, it is now possible for anyone anywhere to use their Bitcoin in DeFi in a truly decentralized manner.

Beamswap Integration (Moonbeam)

It’s officially Autumn, so we’re banning any more swimming puns. I know you were all drowning in them. Regardless, we launched a new pool this month.

Parallel XCM Channel Opened

Next Steps — Roadmap Update

If you’ve been on a road trip, you know that regardless of how well you’ve mapped your journey, you will make detours, add stops, or change your route. If you’re driving through North Dakota and pass a sign for The World’s Only Corn Palace, you’d regret not stopping to check it out.

Astar Integration

Arthswap Token Pairs

The community voted for the initial token pairs to launch on the Astar Dex, ArthSwap. Almost unanimously, iBTC and DOT won.

Parallel INTR and iBTC pool Soon™️

Next: Equilibrium XCM integration

Our next major XCM integration will be with Equilibrium, a DeFi cross-chain multi-tool. Get ready for the Swiss Army Knife of interoperable DeFi.

Events: Online and IRL


We held our first CIS AMA for the Russian-language community hosted by OG Innovator GodsHunter with Interlay co-founder and CEO Alexei Zamyatin.

Upcoming Events

Web Summit: Growth Track

Join us at the Web Summit on November 1st — 4th in Lisbon, Portugal. We’re excited to attend amongst the best and brightest minds building the future of technology.

Token2049 Polkadot Meetup

We’ll be at Token2049 in London on November 9th and 10th. We’ll be participating in the Polkadot Meetup that’s running in tandem with the Token2049 conference. Stay tuned in our Discord, Telegram, and Twitter for updates closer to the conference.

Adopting Bitcoin: A Lightning Summit in El Salvador

Upcoming Online Events

Join us for these online events from anywhere in the world.

AMA with Interlay and Beamswap

Community Calls

We missed chatting with you all, so we held our first community call in a long time on Discord on September 21st. We talked about Interlay’s DeFi Integrations with DeFi and Exchanges Development Lead Henry, hosted by our Community Manager Remy, with fire GIFs dropped throughout by Liv, our Social Media Manager.

Evolving Bitcoin — DOT, Cosmos, ETH!?

Join us next week for Interlay’s community call where we’ll be diving into different ecosystems and how Bitcoin can play a key role in each one. Join our discord below to join the conversation!

Call to Action

Want to get involved? Here’s how to get started.

Join DeWork and Get Started with the Innovator Programme

Do you want to contribute your talents to the Interlay community? Begin with our starter tasks and unlock paid bounties. Start here!

Join Our Community Calls

Come hang out! Every other Wednesday at 4 pm UTC we’ll be meeting on the Community Stage in Discord to chat about a different topic each time. The next call is on Wednesday, October 12th — we’ll be talking about evolving Bitcoin to other chains like Cosmos and Ethereum, and how being built on Polkadot enables us to do that.

From the Team

Updates from the Interlay core team

Team Retreat

In the last week of September, our global remote team met in person, many for the first time. It’s hard to describe the true power of Web3, but being in a room with the most talented, funny, interesting, intelligent, and multi-dimensional people you’ve ever met and realizing what a privilege it is to work with them made the feeling very tangible.

New Section: Mention of the Month

We have a new segment in our monthly Ecosystem Update. Mention of the Month! We’ll highlight one tweet in our mentions that stood out to us. Our inaugural tweet is from Polkadot OG Robinson Burkey.

Closing Thoughts

This year has put the entire Crypto ecosystem through the wringer, but we remain optimistic. After spending time together in IRL, we’ve confirmed what we already know. The Interlay team includes the best and brightest in Crypto with one of the strongest communities out there, and we’re building big things. We’re heading to unexplored territories with endless possibilities. We hope to see you there.

About Interlay

We envision a future where blockchains seamlessly connect and interact: anyone can use any digital asset on any blockchain, trustless and without limitations. Interlay works with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and others to expand interoperability, capital efficiency, and openness.



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