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Interlay 2.0 Roadmap

From Bridge to Bitcoin DeFi Hub

From Bridge to BTC DeFi Hub

With the iBTC bridge operational and DeFi integrations live on numerous chains, the next step is to expand focus to products and user experience.

That’s why, over the next few months, Interlay will transform into a one-stop shop for Bitcoin finance.

Users will be able to lend, borrow and trade their BTC using a simple interface that will offer one-click strategies and a fast on/off-boarding experience from fiat and other blockchain networks.

A preview of the Bitcoin DeFi hub

New Website, Early Access, and Innovator Program

With the updated vision comes an updated website — Keep an eye out for more content as we release more and more features.

Want to get involved?

Help build the first true BTC DeFi experience, unlocking Bitcoin’s full potential as a global digital asset and protecting users from centralized intermediaries. Join the Interlay innovator program, help educate and build, and claim grants from the network treasury!

Innovations Coming to the BTC Bridge v2

Interlay will also bring two key advancements for bridging. On the BTC bridge, Vaults will be split into operators maintaining technical infrastructure and delegators providing capital. This unlocks new synergies between technical operators and capital providers, allowing both to participate in securing the bridge while focusing on what they do best.

INTRnomics 2.0

The DAO will reach economic sustainability by receiving a percentage of fees generated across all protocols (AMM, lending, bridge) as well as transaction fees on Interlay and cross-chain iBTC transfers. The more BTC volume the Interlay network can generate (on Interlay and other chains), the more revenue will flow to operators, LPs, and the DAO.

These updates make governance and stakeholder participation much more dynamic and assign even greater importance to vINTR in the economic steering of the protocol.

6 Month Roadmap

Development of the new features is already underway, with the first upgrades being available for community review and voting already this year:

Q4 2022

  • Lending live on Kintsugi testnet
  • DEX launched on Kintsugi testnet
  • Updates to Vault economics on Kintsugi and Interlay
  • Capacity model update for vaults on Kintsugi

Q1 2023

  • Capacity model update for Vaults on Interlay
  • Lending protocol ready to launch on Kintsugi
  • DEX ready to launch on Kintsugi
  • 5th security audit
  • Lending ready to launch on Interlay
  • DEX ready to launch on Interlay
  • Operator-Delegator Model ready for Kintsugi
  • Operator-Delegator Model ready for Interlay

Q2 2023

  • Governance updates ready for both Kintsugi and Interlay

Long-Term Vision

With a $400 billion market cap and 300 million users worldwide, Bitcoin is the #1 crypto asset across first crypto users, professional investors, and experienced users alike. While the BTC DeFi hub addresses the needs of DeFi users, an even simpler solution is needed to reach the millions of BTC holders who don’t actively participate in trading.

Next Step: 2.0 White Paper

A new white paper providing an in-depth overview of the Interlay 2.0 architecture will be released in early December. Follow Interlay on Twitter and be the first to hear when it’s live.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions about the future of Interlay, feel free to ask questions on Discord or join our next community call on Wednesday, November 30th at 12 noon EST | 5 pm UTC | 6 pm CEST. It will take place on the community call stage in our Discord.

About Interlay

Interlay is building the safest and easiest way to use Bitcoin in decentralized finance. Access true DeFi for Bitcoin with our one-stop shop for all things BTC finance, including trading, lending, and staking. Enter the interoperable cryptoverse with Bitcoin using iBTC, a decentralized 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset for the multi-chain ecosystem. Interlay’s mission is simple: to accelerate Bitcoin mass adoption by providing the necessary, trust-free (financial) infrastructure and products.



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